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  1. I'd like to see 'Every Breaking Wave' played full band. The same way I would have liked to see 'I Know I'll Go Crazy (If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight)' played live on Good Morning America.
  2. From that list. it certainly wasn't any of the greatest hits that did it for me. Those songs are pretty much on auto-pilot.
  3. I hate white knights that excuse all behavior, even when detrimental. Refreshing to see many U2 listeners have voices.
  4. Not so much venom and bitterness but a confirmation of their own re-confirmed. Stand by for confirmation....
  5. I posted this in another thread; this is for those wishing for some variety in the setlists. This is only for 1 night. Bad Out of Control Volcano California Iris Kite Electric Co Unforgettable Fire Song For Someone Cedarwood Road Gloria 11 O'Clock Tick Tock Desire Bullet the Blue Sky New York This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now Invisible -break- Miracle of Joey Ramone I Fall Down Sleep Like A Baby Tonight Crystal Ballroom When I Look At the World Fly Wire Raised By Wolves Every Breaking Wave Crumbs From Your Table All I Want Is You -break- A Sort of Homecoming Lucifer's Hands Exit Magnificent Red Hill Mining Town Surrender -break- Hawkmoon 269 In God's Country Acrobat Discotheque Ordinary Love Troubles You will notice all of Songs of Innocence is represented, including its b-sides. Yes Bad opens the show the way it would have on 'Wide Awake In America' with those chimes. @Chris1043 I'd be down for a zootops dinner.
  6. I've seen every tour since Z00 TV but only the once each time. To suggest that diehards go to one night and then others the 2nd is very impractical as people just go for tickets they can get. I'm also wondering whether we have too high expectations about constant changes in setlists? Springsteen and Pearl Jam seem to be the exception rather than the standard when it comes to established artists touring. Elbow, Depeche Mode and Coldplay either play the same setlist every night or change only a couple of songs on some nights. It's not impractical. If it's a back to back show allow for the scheduling so you can go to the one you want. JAMES are exceptional at shaking up their setlists as well. So are National, FIXX, Naked and Famous and others.I saw 7 different JAMES shows in 2012 and each one was different. Some songs were the same but wow what variety for the rest.
  7. The merch is boring for this tour and seriously overpriced; man I've seen better stuff from u2start with their un-official swag on this tour and last. I'm due for a repress.
  8. I haven't been to hundreds either. Diehards should go to the first night show for the rarities, casuals to the 2nd for the greatest hits/Live 18 package. Except that's not how the shows are now.
  9. Songs that should get played not so often anymore: Pride (In the Name of Love) I Still haven't Found (What I'm Looking For) Stuck In A Moment (You Can't Get Out Of) Mysterious Ways Where the Streets Have No Name City of Blinding Lights Beautiful Day Vertigo Elevation One With Or Without You Unforgettable Fire tour and before survived just fine without them. No one complained
  10. I'm with Bungo on this. it's nice to know what the guy's played at a gig but the majority of videos are shite. esp. those taken in GA. It's because eltimbomofo's not seeing any shows that I know of this year. So video quality will be lacking until they show up.
  11. Will probably change by next year the way 360 did. Since everyone knew by 2011 what the claw looked like and did, there were no secrets left. All kinds of cameras were let in.
  12. Where is the 3 hour long concert you talked about? Why are you avoiding playing all the songs off Song of Innocence at least once? Opening night, they should all have had their chance. How long before this becomes another greatest hits tour? Will people in seats looking at your back at mainstage and across at b-stage eventually get video screens so they too can see what's on the LED wall? Are safety barriers being installed for the catwalk? Larry, why do you go on record saying you hated No Line On the Horizon songs yet released the album? Isn't that half ass if you don't like something? Can I get a photo pass for 2016? I want to help your photographer out during the gig since he can't cover both sides of the catwalk because of the design. I have a portfolio.
  13. I'm still waiting to hear U2 have played a 3 hour concert.... They started late both nights in Vancouver. They let us in the doors for GA late both nights. 620p the first night, 642p the next.
  14. Worst, they shoot vertically! What the fu.... Horizontal people. When I saw U2 on 360 and on i+e not once did I ever block someone's view behind me. Even when I was uisng my Nikon D80 on 360 or Canon S3 IS on i+e Vancouver I and II. I hunched down when on the rail to take my shots since not everyone one was tall like me. Plus that way I get some killer angles when I break the horizon line.
  15. Heartland Red Hill Mining Town I Trip Through Your Wires Exit Mothers of the Disappeared Gloria I Fall Down Rejoice Tomorrow With A Shout A Celebration Father Is An Elephant False Prophet Street Mission Live My Life Tonight Another Day Dream Is Over I Threw A Brick Through A Window A Day Without Me Boy/Girl 11 O'Clock Tick Tock Things To Make and Do Stories For Boys Shadows and Tall Trees Be There Surrender Seconds Fugitive Like A Song Yoshino Blossom Three Sunrises Wire Indian Summer Sky Boomerang II Silver and Gold Walk To the Water Luminous Times Hawkmoon 269 A Room At the Heartbreak Hotel Hallelujah Here She Comes Holy Joe Do You Feel Loved MOFO If God Will Send His Angels Discotheque Ground Beneath Her Feet Stateless North and South of the Catwalk Crystal Ballroom Lucifer's Hands Mercy Smile Levitate Volcano This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now Sleep Like A Baby Tonight Acrobat So Cruel Trying To Throw Your Arms Around the World Some Days Are Better Than Others Lemon Zoo Station Zooropa Crumbs From Your Table Yahweh (full band) Peace On Earth New York When I Look At the World
  16. Seeing JAMES live has made me expect a lot more from live setlists. They are so dynamic, even at festivals. U2 have not ONCE done Volcano on this tour yet. Jools Holland is the only time. That should have debuted in Vancouver with This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now, Sleep Like A Baby Tonight, Crystal Ballroom, Lucifer's Hands and Ordinary Love. All the Songs of Innocence songs should have all debuted at Opening night at least once. I wanted to hear those songs live in person at least once. iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour is supposed to be about the new songs, not a greatest hits show. This tour was a bit of a letdown compared to the Elevation and 360 tours. I hope 2016 improves. U2 are blowing it at the moment with these multi-night shows. Wasted opportunities.
  17. Non-professional is pretty vague nowadays. I see professionals shooting concerts with non-professional cameras. I'm taking the Nikon D5200 next year if I haven't gotten a better one by then. It's a "non-professional" DSLR.
  18. Ah you are David from 'French Made'! Thanks for the croissants a few days ago!
  19. It was like 360 at the front. People did hold spots.
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