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  1. Just wanted to say thank you to the fans that helped when my girlfriend passed out just prior to U2 stepping on the stage. We had a busy day and hadn't eaten very much and that combined with standing amongst so many people in such a hot setting made her dizzy and she passed out briefly. Everyone around made space for her (someone gave a granola bar and another a bottle of water), and made a path to get her to the front to get out of there. We were met with security at the barrier in front of the side stage and then immediately with EMS. They brought us through the backstage area to t
  2. i found it much easier when using my phone to get tickets rather than my laptop. not sure if that will help but it worked for me.
  3. in Cleveland I have GA8 and in Toronto I have GA20. does anyone know if the floor is open or if it's separated by sections?
  4. keep trying! GAs available in Toronto right now, same with PIttsburgh and Cleveland
  5. well done U2.com for a smooth presale. it took me a while but i was eventually able to get 2 GAs for Toronto and 2 GAs for Cleveland. Was considering getting seats but the best value is definitely GA.
  6. what are the prices for the tickets you purchased?
  7. Have you sold those tickets yet? If not please send me a message [MOD EDIT: please use PMs.Thanks]
  8. I thought I was going to be away for work this summer so I didn't get a ticket to either toronto show. I desperately want one and would appreciate it very much to be lucky enough to get one. I was a fan club member way back when it was called Propaganda and first saw them in '92 at the first Zoo TV show at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto. It's very frustrating how expensive tickets are going for..
  9. I'm in need of two tickets priced 100$ or less for the monday July 6 show in Toronto. Any help would be greatly appreciated..
  10. I'm looking for two tickets for the first night in Toronto. Anything at face value $100 or less. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. MOD EDIT Please do not use email/phone numbers. use the PM's board section. Thanks.
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