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    Usually somewhere off world saving the galaxy from total domination (aka I'm playing video games)
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    Other than the obvious, mostly video games. If I can pry the Xbox controller out of my hands, then I read too.
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    Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby ...depends on my mood
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    Los Angeles, November 17, 1987
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    Anaheim, June 18, 2011
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  1. Taking a short break from saving the galaxy, well actually, I've just been playing Mass Effect...a lot...ok, probably way too much...

    1. Anjana


      feel the force Jen!!

  2. 411 - having some mango chicken for lunch Happy Birthday Spicy!!
  3. 336 I see someone was busy around here lol!
  4. 189 - sitting at the computer attempting to be productive but not really succeeding...oh well
  5. so many books, so little time

    1. mich40


      Sounds like me. :-)

    2. deannamarieu2


      Hey I love your purple stripe. I had to stop coloring with chemicals my hair was too weak from all the red coloring now I can only do cellophanes which is a stain only and it washes out. But im doing a fuschia red this week. I hope to be able to put a splash of color like you did. It looks so COOL!!!!!!!

  6. 63 - looks like I missed everyone today...stupid work! It always gets in the way of my fun!
  7. 42 - a very early good morning...only 5am where I'm at. Maybe I'll be able to get a little more sleep before having to get up for the day.
  8. 36 - it's been a quiet day around here...looking forward to when more people are back around
  9. It's a lazy, lazy day...

  10. 33 - I've finally gotten my siggy all sorted, now my posts look as they should. Hi Janette!
  11. 30 - good morning from LA. It's 9am, I suppose I should think about getting out of bed soon.
  12. 23 - nice to see people about again
  13. 7 - so how long do you all think it will take to get back to where we were before the forum change?
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