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  1. I see the weirdness prevails.
  2. Yes. With all types of space guns. My favorite is my sniper rifle
  3. Just a bunch of bad things that need shooting. Nice view, though.
  4. Where have I been? Patrolling the moon, mostly.
  5. Hello my lovelies! It's been way too long since I've been in here. I actually kind of miss it. I'll have to try and visit more often.
  6. I haven't been in here for...well, a long time. Just wondering if anyone's been around while I've been off indulging my inner nerd.
  7. Been stuck in my head since I saw Depeche Mode last Saturday. Now imagine this song a little slower, with Martin singing. That's the version I heard. It was, I feel, the highlight of the show.
  8. Taking a short break from saving the galaxy, well actually, I've just been playing Mass Effect...a lot...ok, probably way too much...

    1. Anjana


      feel the force Jen!!

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! That was hilarious! And the Chewbacca bit...priceless!! Love it!!
  10. I have another to add to my list...System of a Down on July 29
  11. Where are the dancing bananas? I knew something was missing around here...who do we have to talk to to get them back?
  12. And that planet would be the one with rivers of wine right?
  13. 411 - having some mango chicken for lunch Happy Birthday Spicy!!
  14. Jen Los Angeles *waves* Hi Spicy!
  15. 336 I see someone was busy around here lol!
  16. 189 - sitting at the computer attempting to be productive but not really succeeding...oh well
  17. so many books, so little time

    1. mich40


      Sounds like me. :-)

    2. deannamarieu2


      Hey I love your purple stripe. I had to stop coloring with chemicals my hair was too weak from all the red coloring now I can only do cellophanes which is a stain only and it washes out. But im doing a fuschia red this week. I hope to be able to put a splash of color like you did. It looks so COOL!!!!!!!

  18. 63 - looks like I missed everyone today...stupid work! It always gets in the way of my fun!
  19. 42 - a very early good morning...only 5am where I'm at. Maybe I'll be able to get a little more sleep before having to get up for the day.
  20. 36 - it's been a quiet day around here...looking forward to when more people are back around
  21. It's a lazy, lazy day...

  22. 33 - I've finally gotten my siggy all sorted, now my posts look as they should. Hi Janette!
  23. I like it. It's definitely an improvement over the previous version. I really like that there's a mobile version. That'll make it easier for me to stay connected, since I'm not always near a computer.
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