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  1. Taking a short break from saving the galaxy, well actually, I've just been playing Mass Effect...a lot...ok, probably way too much...

    1. Anjana


      feel the force Jen!!

  2. 411 - having some mango chicken for lunch Happy Birthday Spicy!!
  3. 336 I see someone was busy around here lol!
  4. 189 - sitting at the computer attempting to be productive but not really succeeding...oh well
  5. so many books, so little time

    1. mich40


      Sounds like me. :-)

    2. deannamarieu2


      Hey I love your purple stripe. I had to stop coloring with chemicals my hair was too weak from all the red coloring now I can only do cellophanes which is a stain only and it washes out. But im doing a fuschia red this week. I hope to be able to put a splash of color like you did. It looks so COOL!!!!!!!

  6. 63 - looks like I missed everyone today...stupid work! It always gets in the way of my fun!
  7. 42 - a very early good morning...only 5am where I'm at. Maybe I'll be able to get a little more sleep before having to get up for the day.
  8. 36 - it's been a quiet day around here...looking forward to when more people are back around
  9. It's a lazy, lazy day...

  10. 33 - I've finally gotten my siggy all sorted, now my posts look as they should. Hi Janette!
  11. 30 - good morning from LA. It's 9am, I suppose I should think about getting out of bed soon.
  12. 23 - nice to see people about again
  13. 7 - so how long do you all think it will take to get back to where we were before the forum change?
  14. 64035 - a quick good morning/afternoon/evening to you all! Getting ready to start my workday. Happy Birthday Zhiv! I hope it's been a fantastic day!
  15. 62731 - Hello, anyone here? Seems a bit empty at the moment. It's a rainy day in southern California, and I quite like it. Since no one seems to be about, I'll be going back to work on a project for a librarian friend of mine...an insider's guide to Disneyland to be made available for librarians attending the American Library Association conference in June. I hope everyone is doing well, and I'm sorry to have missed you all!
  16. 61620 - time for just a quick hello before I start work for the day. It's just another day at the library for me...books, books, and more books! Oh and all the people too...nice, not so nice, crazy, homeless...you name it, we've probably had it at some point.
  17. 62999 - hello to anyone and everyone! Haven't been about very much...I got sucked into watching Doctor Who on Netflix. I'm almost done with David Tennant's tenure as The Doctor, and I wish that he had stayed on longer. I really like him in that role. I've seen the current Doctor, and I'm not too fond of him as of yet. He kind of annoys me. I hope all is well with all of you, and I shall be back again another time.
  18. Thanks for all the birthday wishes - early, belated, and otherwise. I had a great day with one of my closest friends, and then drank a wee bit too much that night...but still fun.
  19. 61763 - haven't been in for awhile, and just stopping in to say hello. Sounds like you'll be in for a fun weekend, Janette. I'll actually be coming home from Vegas a couple of days before you go. I'm spending my birthday there. I'm having dinner at the Nine Fine Irishmen on my birthday and then spending a few days hanging out with one of my friends there. I've heard about all the cold weather, and I hope everyone is keeping warm out there. I'll do my best to send some of the California sunshine to you all.
  20. I heard that Madonna is providing the halftime entertainment this year. I may have the game on to watch the commercials...not so into Madonna, so probably won't watch the halftime show.
  21. Love this!! Now I'll have to watch the Superbowl just to see what Volkswagen's commercial will be!
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