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  1. Would be great. Coming from Adelaide.
  2. For the U.S. Shows I used a debit card that is linked to visa/MasterCard . . Usually on the front of the card. I had no problems with the GA entry.
  3. Probably no one. NY had 8 shows so the band decided to bring up celebs to mix it up.. No other city had that happen.
  4. Nah.. Thats normal.. Also have Miklr on phone and computer in case one drops out.. Always be prepared!
  5. What could of happened is tickemaster automatically offered you seats at the same price as there was no more GA s available. This happened to me in the 2nd LA show.. No GA left so I was automatically offered seats in the same price bracket. GA tickets/confirmation emails have either N-Floor or S-Floor on them. I have N-Floor but my friends who bought in the innocence presale has S-Floor. I am hoping there's no divide or I will be on my own.. Not an issue so much as I've done it before on my own but I am going with them and would like to be in the same space!
  6. Good lot of info there from Ipingb. Also if you can get a cheap camp chair, it makes sitting for hours more bearable.. If your hotel is close you can take it back. They usually give you warning time to get yourself sorted.. Good to check out the venue a day or so before as last tour US show, some line lists were started a couple of days before.. You put your name down and come back for set check in times... Something I'd never come across here in Oz.. We just line up super early in the morning. U2 fans that line up early are a great bunch of people. Look out for each other and our positions in
  7. Heading over from Australia! .. Very excited to be at the opening shows.... GA both nights.
  8. Great idea! And thanks to everyone for their photos to be included..
  9. I have a flatbed scanner for the photos.. I have a negative scanner too but they are fiddley.... and I would be here for ever! Here is Edge and Bono leaving the Sydney Entertainment Centre..1989...
  10. I didnt print them all back then... but I have a few more Zoo and Love town.. Some shots of the boys leaving via backstage door too... No Popmart though.. Will continue scanning....
  11. Long before the days of digital... There was ISO1200 film!!!
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