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  1. Got it working thank you. Think it just had to wait a minute or two for the system to recognise I'd not actually processed a transaction. Went back in and got my tickets for Rome
  2. I used my presale code fine to get tickets in my basket, changed my mind as wanted different section, now when I go back the exact same code says "not valid" ?????
  3. Hoping for Rome tickets. Having never been to the stadium but seeing size of it, is there any point buying tickets in the upper tier or are you too far away? Coming from UK so rather not spend the money to fly/hotel etc then save money by buying cheaper tickets only to need binoculars! Presume lower tier Cat 1 or Cat 2 tickets would be recommended? Thanks.
  4. Going myself but wife is ill so can meet outside no problem. Face value required please. PM me for contact info.
  5. I do have spare and replied to your PM.
  6. I am likely to have one. Wife is ill and unlikely to make the trip so can meet up outside venue. Will confirm tomorrow.
  7. Let me know before 4pm Thursday 5th November so I can send special next day delivery. Block 226 Row P. Going Saturday instead as now can't do both nights. Face value £90 + £10 booking fee - happy to accept £100 for the pair.
  8. Can't make Friday but still going Saturday. 2 fan club tickets in block 226 for sale at face value £90 each. Let me know if interested and will send special delivery to guarantee delivery. Thanks.
  9. Let's hope they don't cancel mine then due to same address! Wife has bought the membership package at same time as Tickets so she's not necessarily used an assigned pre-sale code.
  10. Thanks. So can my wife buy tickets now along with a membership package when she shares same address? will use a different card in case.
  11. Regular Hydo gig goers..... is there a best tier/block to be seated in? how high is tier 300+ (at Leeds Arena or O2 it's not worth being up there!), got GA for Saturday in the presale, probably try for seats for the first night but depending on your responses may just go GA again. Thanks in advance.
  12. Having bought 2 via presale for Glasgow 2nd night, can I then get 2 for the 1st night on the same payment card? Paperless tickets say 2 limit per card/person/address - would mean my wife couldn't get tickets either as same address!?
  13. Thankfully I've managed to get tickets in the pre-sale for Glasgow. Worried and sent an email to the tour bods when I realised despite being a member for over 20 years (from the old Propaganda days), because my membership lapsed (again no reminder email), I renewed on 15th September so missed the cut off by 6 days. Dumped in the INNOCENCE group despite being in the first batch for every tour of last 20 years.All sorted though..... ...however, the paperless ticket system says 2 per person/card/address - I was going to get tickets in my wife's name for the other Glasgow show, she obviously lives at the same address so will my tickets be blocked or is it just multiple tickets for one show ie. ordering for more shows is ok? also hoping that after booking train, hotel etc for the Glasgow shows they now don't decide on sticking Manchester show in between which is 30 mins from home!
  14. Could be but most likely not for U2 since it seems we will have an indoor tour That's what I was thinking. Maybe Garth Brooks announcing 10 night residency
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