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  1. It took me the entire morning to try and get tickets for Or Amsterdam OR Antwerp. Finally I had 2 tickets for the Antwerp show but I had chosen the wrong method of payment so I had to wait for the E-mail with the possibility of changing to VISA. Now it turns out that my entire reservation is cancelled and the pre sale is closed!! In the end: busy all morning and even worse no tickets....
  2. Not really but since I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Ghost Whisperer I do believe in angels.
  3. These days a somewhat expensive cellphone can be used for filming and photographs aswell and usually the results are better or the same as a midpriced camera.So I won't expect trouble here.
  4. another tour in Europe next year?? That would be great!!!! I hope it's true.
  5. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me, and be my friend.
  6. same thing as moving near an airport and complaining about the noise from passing planes. Building a house next to a highway and complaining about traffic andpollution. Building your house 6 meters below sealevel and complaining about water in the basement.
  7. I don't think you can call them really commercial because, at least in The Netherlands, there last number 1 hit was Beautiful Day ( if I'm notmistaken) and only because of the Sidney Olympics and the fact that tv used it in their shows. So "being very commercial" is not a reason. Bono has his opinions about politics and things that go on in the world but if you hate him for that you have to hate the rest of the world as well. He justhas the oppertunaty to reach a lot of people and he uses the media. Which public figure doesn't?? So "being politicaly/ humanitarely involved" is not a reaso
  8. maybe something for Weird Al Yankovic? By the way: where did you get the freetime to make this all up? It's brilliant!
  9. first and only time we left for a drink, 45 minutes before Snow Patrol came on. Took us about 1/2 hour to get back in to our spots.
  10. run when the security says: slow down, don't run, plenty of space. Yeah, like i'm gonna walk when people are passing me left and right. We where on the outher edge of the ring and after a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time of asking and people almost fainting they finally got a bucket of waterand some sponges. Luckily, I had a small towell with me which they soaked in water so I could use to keep cool.
  11. When we entered the circle we saw that that part of the stage was a bit higher then the front part. That's why your view isn't so good. Otherwise Ican't imagine why everybody would stay in the overcrowded place. At least we would have moved.
  12. The empty spaces have a bad view on the stage, that's why almost noone watches the concert from those spots and that's why the rest of the pit is socrowded. To bad, especially with a closed roof in the Arena which makes the temperature go through the roof.
  13. to bad they let to many people inside the ring. It's very crowded, no space and very, very hot.
  14. na een drukke periode op mijn werk eindelijk weer tijd voor de echt belangrijke zaken. Mooi om te zien dat er nog steeds druk kaarten gekocht worden voor concerten all over the world. Nog leuker om te lezen hoe mensen helemaal gelukkig zijn methun kaarten voor concert #17 alsof het de kaarten voor hun eerste concert zijn. Bij mij blijft het bij 1 concert dit jaar en ik heb er echt heel veel zin in. Nog een dikke 3 maanden wachten maar met in die tijd 3 weken op vakantie komt datwel goed. Ben wel benieuwt wie in het voorprogramme komt de 21ste Bart
  15. heb het druk dus kan niet alles doorlezen maar wil toch even het volgende melden: JOEPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DE KAARTJES ZIJN BINNEN VOOR A'DAM 21-7!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ze zijn inderdaad net zo spannend als een testbeeld, maar ik ga niet voor dekaartjes.
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