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  1. I just think when you make it such a theatrical production like they do with everything so scripted you pin yourself into a corner. No room to mix it up...not even a tiny bit. Not even A song... I l love seeing this band live and have been for 30 years... multiple shows every tour. But this is just getting monotonous. The casual fan doesn't want a story , they just want the hits ( Rock and Roll) the die hard fans that see multiple shows want some variety. I know its a theme but this ain't Tommy... or is it ?
  2. Hear hear... I've been to 30 U2 shows since 1987 and although I understand they are an extreme political group, I've been able to ignore the rhetoric and enjoy the show. However, it is starting to get over the top.. the anti Police stance is shameful. Hands up don't shoot was a lie and proven to be so. They were all for police and fire fighters back in 2001 during 911 when it was popular...even bringing them up on stage at MSG. fast forward 17 years and now the in thing is anti Trump anti law enforcement anti anyone who is not on the left. . Bono is disconnected.. Trump was voted by the American people for a reason. This group wants soooo hard to be relavent again that they don't understand that people just want to hear a rock and roll show. I know you can't completely stop your rhetoric but stop trying so hard. Just play the F-ing music and it will be great. They continue to reinforce this divide the 44th president started then play "One"... and as far as the show.. its not a terrible set list, I get it- you want to play the new songs but come on guys, don't send us home asleep. Throw something in the encore with a little giddy up.. i.e.. streets , out of control or even something else from Rattle and Hum like God part II since its 30 year anniversary.
  3. Hi, If you have a single Im interested. Let me know thanks
  4. Hi, Just PM ed you. Im interested if you still have it. Rob
  5. Looking to trade lower level seats for tonight's show 7/27 ..section 107 row 15 for ga or red zone .. [MOD EDIT: NO PHONE NUMBERS, please. Use the PMs. Thanks] I'm in the city Rob
  6. I have 2 Tickets for July 27th section 107 row 15 and looking to trade for 2 Red Zones.
  7. Hey Riverwing are you still looking for a swap?
  8. On this topic.. I used and experience code last Thursday for NY MSG 7/19 .. My wife also has an un used innocence code she plans on using tomorrow for one of the just added MSG shows ( different date) all CC billing address Etc.. is the same.. Because they are two different shows are we safe? It seems TM Is flagging and canceling pre sale orders that were done for the same specific show.. So basically they are saying only 2 tickets via pre sale code per show.. I called TM , and as you guess, the costumer service reps are clueless.. Does anyone know if this is the policy so I ,and other fans , don't run into the same situation as everyone else during this 2nd wave of pre sales
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