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  1. I am flying in from Chicago and screwed up itineraries with my buddies I have 2 sets of 2 (upper level centers) for Fri that I cannot use At this point i would really, really like to trade for 3 saturday tix (anywhere in the building) trade the 4 for 2 on Saturday if that's all you have. My buddies and I will flip a coin as to who goes and buys a single Please help if ya can Shambo
  2. So Long story short I have 2 sets of 2 for the Friday May 22nd Phoenix show (upper level center) What I actually need are 3 tickets for the Saturday show (anywhere inside the building) If you can help, please let me know Shambo
  3. I actually for some strange reasons beyond my control have 4 extra tickets for Phoenix (in sets of 2) for the Fri. May 22nd show. I just need 3 (anywhere) for the Sat May 23rd show. Would love to trade. mine are 2nd level centered
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