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  1. Hi, I can't make the shows to Australia, and I have GA tickets that I want to post online for face value on the U2 site, but I can't seem to figure out how to transfer? Ticketmaster, at least shows on my phone, ticketek is online only. As I'm in the U.S, not sure if the posts a big hurdle. Anyone have a clue how to set this up, so when I post it, it's readily available for transfer? Thanks
  2. Thanks, I use an android so I'm out of luck.
  3. Hi, I may not be in front a coumputer and I'm wondering if there is a Ticketek Australian Appp. I thought I found it, but it's downloading a U.S. Ticketmaster App. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. I timed out and went back in. You are supposed to use your country code, so Canada is different than U.S. +1(is U.S) It took me about 20 min or so for the 2 venues and I still got GA, I don't think the Australians are hitting up GA the way we do out West.
  5. It did that to me as well, It never worked till I timed out and did it, it must not recognize the changes. Once I timed out, I did +16460000000
  6. I had same issues, it does work but you may have to log out and log back in, I had issues with the site for 2 different venues. I actaully timed out, and I tried again +1 - 646-000-0000. There are 2 spots for phone, the 2nd one, you have to update yourself. It does work and GA does not seem to be moving fast so you may still have time.
  7. Not only was I lucky enough to get a ticket from a fan in Georgia, via N.C., who I helped make it up to the show, but he graciou sly gave me the setlist he got during the show. What an unbelievable fan base.
  8. It was great meeting all of you yesterday, had a blast. Andreas, I'm the one in shades near the far right end.
  9. I don't know why anyone would sit there and wonder if this is the last album. They have been saying that about U2 since the 90's. In the old day's, lot's of bands broke up, and most of them got back together, if they weren't dead, or a drug addict. U2 circumvented that, by not being drug addicts, or breaking up. They took some real time off between albums, and it helps that they actually made some real money and could have afforded not to tour all the time. If you were them, why would you retire, it's easy to say, I've made my millions and I want to retire, but put yourself in their position. They have made the money, the glory etc, they all have their side projects, so they can't say, all I've done is the music and I need something more. They take time to smell to flowers. Why wouldn't you continue doing this, at your pace, as they have done, until you aren't able to do it. Everyone is living into their 80's and 90's, and these guys have the best in medical care. Sit back and enjoy the ride, and if they come out one day and say this is it, mourn or do whatever you have to at the time. There is so much more to to enjoy than mourning the death of your favorite band, when they haven't even given you a reason to think they want to retire. If you really look at it in another light, there gust bust the asses when they want to make an album and when they are off, they are enjoying their lives in the south of France. Enjoy life my friends, there is more out there in life, if you look.
  10. 1st stimple process in a long time getting GA's with ticketmaster, I got in on 1 try. Kudos to everyone for fixing previous issues.
  11. I think the Album will come out, they usually do Albums in 3's. I feel that there are songs that didn't make this album due to the health scare, and they rewrote those songs. Since the U.S tour is over after June, they have 2 months before a September EU tour, followed by Asia/Australia, there is time to add some more songs to another album. They can sneak the album out in the fall, kind of like a Zooropa thing, and see if it takes off. As they will most likely tour the U.S next spring, and follow up with EU after, they can add the new songs to the Album. My feeling is that this album will be the biggest commercial success since ATYCLB, not just on how well I like it, but they are in full promo mode, I haven't since the likes of them doing this in a long time. If my feeling is right, and it's a full blown success, when they come back, they can either mix in the new songs, or do what they intended to do with this tour, one night of SOE and one night of SOA. In order to do this, make it work, and get enough seats for all fans, they would have to play 4 shows in each arena, with more for bigger markets. You put the seats for sale, before the album comes out, with so many people clamoring to see the tour, they aren't doing to many shows, so the market can be heated up, your casual fan may want to see 2 shows, as each one will be different. It makes sense, since they wanted to do this originally, they held back on the number of shows, they are promoting the heck out of an album, that feels like it's going to take off like a classic album, and put out the other album. The kicker is, that after that tour, they take a year off, do an Achtung Tour (we know they are talking about it) and take 2 years off before putting out something new. Their contract with Live Nation is till 2020. If you have the success of this tour, 2018-2019, you dangle and Achtung Tour for 2020 to resign a new fatter contract. Don't forget, they signed a 12 year contract, with part of the money up front from Live Nation, $120m. Another 10 year contract, for the most successful band, would top that. And if you all think they are going to retire, what band making this kind of money has ever retired. Even the ones who hated each other, GNR, have gotten back together. I don't know the deal for the record contract, but the 1st one on that deal was NLOTH, add these 2 albums, and I'm sure the re-release of JT could have been throw in there, they are probably due for a new contract after SOA. This would be their last big payday, and based on the promo's they are in full swing for contract negotiations. Fear not, I have a feeling we'll be seeing the lads for a long time, and a lot more in the next few years. Besides, what else do they have to do, their kids are all grown up.
  12. The arena only holds 12,000, so it's going to be more intimate. They may have to tinker a little bit, but floor should hold same amount of people.
  13. I think you have to look at stubhub and realize that some fans are selling one or more of their GA's, and taking that profit to pay for other shows. The other is, when fans do post it on another site, to make money to pay for shows, scalper's but that ticket and drive it up. It's not just scalpers, although they probably make up 75% of it, either way it sucks. As for the NY shows, people in NY need things to go to, and they use stubhub as an avenue to get tickets up to the day of the show. While most fan's can't pay $300 for a ticket, in NY, that's the price of a really good meal. And if you only have 1 NY show, people who travel to see U2, make NY a destination, to much competition for 1 NY show. If they are planing on doing 5-8 shows in NY area, the only way to make sure fans with pre-sale are in, is to post all the shows the same day, that way no one is shut out, but I'm not involved in their boardroom, who know their reasoning. I don't agree with it, but these are factors we are competing with. I also don't think there is a science to getting ticket sales down to a science. Bands don't work together to fight this issue, they are their own business. If they only tour once every 2 -3 years. (I'm talking about all bands, not just U2) they set their tour dates, try to figure out a way to get the most tickets to fans, and do the sale. Issues arise, and they try to use that for the next tour, but at that point, scalpers have studied their tactics, and compensate. There is a lot of money to be made, especially when you get a band like U2, they probably make the most money on a tour like this for the year, so they go all out. It's a big business, these scalpers actually have an office, a staff, and know people buy tickets on an emotional level, so they get you every time. A concert is a big night out for someone, they spend their hard earned money to make a day of this, and get purged from the start of ticket sales, getting crap for taking off for a concert, spending cash to park, eat out, tail gate, spend a ton of money in venue, foot, liquor, shirts. If you are lucky, you get away with only spending $200 for the day, for a lot of people it's much more. I don't see this ticket issue going away, it's been here since I was a teenager, and it will probably be here till I'm in my 90's. The complaining factor starts for each show, but if Pearl Jam and REM went to capital hill to fix this about 20 years ago, and we are still here dealing with this issue, it's not going to get fixed.
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