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  1. Hi, I can't make the shows to Australia, and I have GA tickets that I want to post online for face value on the U2 site, but I can't seem to figure out how to transfer? Ticketmaster, at least shows on my phone, ticketek is online only. As I'm in the U.S, not sure if the posts a big hurdle. Anyone have a clue how to set this up, so when I post it, it's readily available for transfer? Thanks
  2. Thanks, I use an android so I'm out of luck.
  3. Hi, I may not be in front a coumputer and I'm wondering if there is a Ticketek Australian Appp. I thought I found it, but it's downloading a U.S. Ticketmaster App. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. I timed out and went back in. You are supposed to use your country code, so Canada is different than U.S. +1(is U.S) It took me about 20 min or so for the 2 venues and I still got GA, I don't think the Australians are hitting up GA the way we do out West.
  5. It did that to me as well, It never worked till I timed out and did it, it must not recognize the changes. Once I timed out, I did +16460000000
  6. I had same issues, it does work but you may have to log out and log back in, I had issues with the site for 2 different venues. I actaully timed out, and I tried again +1 - 646-000-0000. There are 2 spots for phone, the 2nd one, you have to update yourself. It does work and GA does not seem to be moving fast so you may still have time.
  7. Not only was I lucky enough to get a ticket from a fan in Georgia, via N.C., who I helped make it up to the show, but he graciou sly gave me the setlist he got during the show. What an unbelievable fan base.
  8. It was great meeting all of you yesterday, had a blast. Andreas, I'm the one in shades near the far right end.
  9. I don't know why anyone would sit there and wonder if this is the last album. They have been saying that about U2 since the 90's. In the old day's, lot's of bands broke up, and most of them got back together, if they weren't dead, or a drug addict. U2 circumvented that, by not being drug addicts, or breaking up. They took some real time off between albums, and it helps that they actually made some real money and could have afforded not to tour all the time. If you were them, why would you retire, it's easy to say, I've made my millions and I want to retire, but put yourself in their posi
  10. 1st stimple process in a long time getting GA's with ticketmaster, I got in on 1 try. Kudos to everyone for fixing previous issues.
  11. Have to agree that only Achtung would be played again, and they could go under the same fashion as this tour. Do Achtung, then Songs of Ascent. If you are in the feeling that they put out a commercially successful album in SOE, it was #1, they could get experimental on SOA. Since they have no need to really practice many of the Achtung songs live, they've played almost all of the songs throughout the years, getting the band ready won't be difficult. It can give them time to put together a SOE during this tour and and Achtung tour, and I'm sure they should have 2-3 songs sitting somewhere t
  12. I think the Album will come out, they usually do Albums in 3's. I feel that there are songs that didn't make this album due to the health scare, and they rewrote those songs. Since the U.S tour is over after June, they have 2 months before a September EU tour, followed by Asia/Australia, there is time to add some more songs to another album. They can sneak the album out in the fall, kind of like a Zooropa thing, and see if it takes off. As they will most likely tour the U.S next spring, and follow up with EU after, they can add the new songs to the Album. My feeling is that this album wil
  13. Well, at least here in the U.S we got a free album with each ticket, I didn't even realize that I didn't get it yet.
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