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  1. I was just 19 and went to see the Joshua Tree at the SECC in Glasgow on the 29th July 1987 which if I remember was a Wednesday. We were almost the first ones there and as a result we were pretty much the last of the people to leave the car park and as we were heading out a large blacked out U2 tour bus drew along side us. Seeing the bus and assuming it was heading for a nearby hotel, we decided we should follow it and see if we could catch a glimpse of the group. However our driving mate had other thoughts and drove straight on as the bus took a right turn. Could have killed him!!!
  2. A lot of very good set lists and folks have taken a bit of time to put them together. I also note those that say is should be music from and up to the Joshua Tree album and anything post JT should be left out and I have to 100% agree with that. The 80's is where U2 came to the fore and as fan of the band from those early days I would hope that this concert is a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Can't wait!!!!
  3. For me it has to be a proper nostalgia-fest with the music coming from the Boy, October, War, Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree. The eighties were the best and U2 music was such a huge part of my teen years. An CaT Dubh from the Boy album along with Into the Heart, Stories for boys and A day without me are my favourites.........I could go on and on through the other albums but as long as they chuck in a sneaky Party Girl at some point I'd be happy. There was a rumour they may play a few tracks from their new album which, as much as I am dying to hear, I would hope they would leave that
  4. Saturday night?If so I was chuffed for you but also hated you so much at that moment in time. No, I think it was the Friday night we won. I didn't notice the same chance to win on the Saturday.
  5. If they have the "real" fans interest at heart then this is a very good call.
  6. I had my photo id ready to go but was not asked for it, saying that the people directly in front of me in the queue did win the backstage tour which may have distracted the staff when it came to my turn. LOL That was us!!!!!!
  7. For the RZ at Glasgow we had to have photographic proof and as far as I am aware that was the same for everyone.
  8. It would be nice if we could get an official statement on the current situation for ticket availability to stop folk - me included - trying for tickets throughout the remainder of the day which would be a waste of time and effort. Still completely stunned at what can only be described as a shambles disaster by a bunch of incompetent fools. I'll be trying again tomorrow, but really disillusioned by the state of affairs with this one...........will seriously considering if it's worth subscriptions for next year!!
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