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  1. great work as always Reid..love the pictures of the panels fully down at Mount Smart now...I guess the next move will be to get the cranes in!
  2. Ok here goes!! Return of the stingray guitar Beuatiful Day Get on your boots Magnificant Elevation I still havnt found what I'm looking for Bad In gods country Stuck in a moment Until the end of the world City of Blinding lights Vertigo Crazy remix Mofo One tree Hill The unforgettable fire Pride Ultraviolet Desire With or without you Moment of surrender
  3. link doesnt seem to work reidy, got another one? I heard it was balloons again, same as vertigo?
  4. I dont get up to auckland until next wednesday afternoon so unfortunately Im relying on everyone else to stalk the band and check out the stadium for me
  5. Nice work on the ground there Reid...i am sure over the next couple of days things will start to kick in on Mt Smart. My obsession at the moment seems to be trying to find out from every source what next weeks weather will be like!! doesnt look too good at this stage from what I have seen..mind you..I would love to know how accurate long range forcasts are!
  6. Just posted this site in another thread. Its a giood website for predicting long range weather and I have used it a couple of times for various things...its barely ever wrong! You can see rainfall for NZ a week from the current day, check it out.. http://www.metvuw.com/forecast/forecast.php?type=rain&region=nz
  7. interesting....I think some kind of inflatable device is needed for the thursday concert. In other news, for all you weather watchers..I have been using a site that is pretty good with predicting long range weather and I have used it a couple of times and it has hardly ever been wrong! You can see rainfall for NZ a week from the current day...check it out. http://www.metvuw.com/forecast/forecast.php?type=rain&region=nz
  8. ahhh yeah did not think of that...a beach ball should suffice!! might get myself one too!
  9. ok then well thnaks guys I feel better already though. The first gig for me is the one I am going to go all out at!! the second gig to me is a big bonus!
  10. I'm seriously hating to put a a big damper on things for the second show in Auckland..but what are peoples views on the large amount of tickets avaliable for the second show? The first one obviously sold very quickly...but I am just hoping there are no embarassingly empty stadiums for seconds shows in AUS/NZ
  11. Keep us posted Reid, appreciate all this info you are getting us.....post photos if you can.
  12. I am pretty sure that a conversation about when the lads arrive ect is just what is needed right now!!What do you reckon guys..maybe they would arrive next weekend? I mean would they want to put in a couple of rehersals to shake off a bit of the rust? I am pretty keen to see what hotel they are in this time...I would like to maybe get an autograph at some point!! Someone (I cant remember where from) said that a section of the sky city grand hotel in Auckland had been booked out for some u2 crew...but would the band stay there too? hmmm...
  13. LOL I know, and I doubt it would ever get to that, but seriously...I am a little worried about the stadium being emptyish...a few empty seats I could handle for sure but you wouldnt want the atmosphere ruined ya know. haha and bon jovis reasons for the concert being moved to vector was coz of the 'sheer scale of the production, we cannot move it overnight'..you would have thought they would of thought of that huh?
  14. yeah I know what you mean...I guess I just dont want the stadium practically empty, thats all lol
  15. I posted a question in the main forum about the sheer number of NZ u2 compettitions for the friday night concert.....one aperson put to me that maybe they are worried about playing to an emptyish stadium on the friday night I certainly hope not..you can still pull up GA and other seats for the friday night...
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