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  1. Happy New Year to everybody

    1. lucvanhout


      Yeah yeah yeah, best wishes !

  2. Hi, there. I just wanna thank you, zootopians, for being part of my (digital) life in this fantastic, surprising and disappointing (all at the same time) year!

    Happy new year!

    Thank U2 for the wonderful tour! This year was unforgettable ... all because of you!

  3. Hello 

    can anyone tell me when the The Joshua Tree Singles Vinyl Collection: 1987 & 2017

    I got my redeem my gift in my account but not heard anything about when it will be delivered . Has anyone else got theres? 

    I still don’t see any where in my account to renew for next year?

    1. lucvanhout


      We still haven't received our 2017 gift because we have later redeemed. There are a lot of subscribers waiting. When the gift is shipped you will receive an email. Whe need a little bit of patience. But it will come. Greetings from Belgium. Luc

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