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  1. Exactly the same problem here. No access to Red Zone, but access to regular GAs. Called Ticketmaster customer service and they were of no help, said I couldn't buy Red Zones (even after I told them they would be making $500 more, and that I am a long-time subscriber, blah blah blah.) On the U2.com front - I"ve been on hold for 5 hours, 31 minutes and counting (not kidding).
  2. Do you want to trade codes so you can get Red Hill and I get VIP?
  3. No progress at all here. Long-time member who cannot access VIP sales but can access Red Hill? For all cities. I want Red Zones, what is the issue? Neither U2.com or Ticketmaster customer representatives are available to disuss. I
  4. Thanks. Still looking for seats -- Red Zone, GA or anything. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I'm wandering a la Johnny Cash across our troubled globe. My travels will take me to Dublin Friday the November 27th. I am hoping for a miracle in finding a general admission ticket. I would respond with tremendous gratitude, blessings and a whole boatload of Guinness for your troubles. Any help appreciated.
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