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  1. Oh the shame, the shame...
  2. My daughter and I at the fireworks for the Nanaimo bath tub races.
  3. wahine wrote: Umm, they were on the front page of news when you log in here, kinda hard to miss Ummmmm, Actually I don't see these comments on the front page and not everyone has the same link set up as you. Mine takes me directly to the communitypage. So yaa.....
  4. AbigailJ wrote: 'The government's emergency committee Cobra, which was meeting again on Thursday morning, is also considering possible restrictions to large gatherings like concerts and sporting events.' This is a cover up. WAKE UP PEOPLE. There goes your right of public assembly. Governments could say "if you hang out with thousands of other people you increase your chances of getting sick". But no... They treat you like children and take away your right of public assembly. How long is it going to be before people wake up? Whether this disease isnaturally occuring or created in
  5. U2stargirl wrote: Anyone think that the Swine Flu epidemic will affect U2's touring plans (and ours)???? Cases have shown up in several states including Canada and Australia. The number of cases are likely to grow in the next several months. Scary. Diane 1. Are you reffering to Canada and Australia as States of America? Cuz frankly I find that HUGELY INSULTING. Whether it is ignorance or just poorgrammer. Canada and Australia are soveriegn independent countries. We're all doomed 2. We're all doomed. Viruses are now appearing and growing in strength for two reasons.
  6. No no no I did'nt mean Sorry MAN in the gender form. I knew you were female since the first time i saw your posts with pichu. All respect, Sorry girl.
  7. I assumed from your "stung" comment that you Have a tattoo. My misinterpritation. Sorry man. Blue Room....Niiiiiice. I want to move up that high one day but I kinda want to be Ultraviolet forever too.
  8. wahine wrote: All I care about in that song or anything to do with it is: How the hell does Bono know where "This little surfing town" is that he describes in his comments about the song. The thought of Bono hanging around any surfing town kinda freaks me out. *wahine grabs her surfboard and now starts looking over her shoulder getting creeped out* Perhaps Wahine you could be a little more specific about Bono's comments on the song. Not all of us have read them or know the source you gotthat from. Thanx
  9. jujuman2 wrote: From the womb..."Let me in the sound", to the cry..."ooooooooh"....to the cradle of man..."African sun at last". Then, the best lyrical image hits me, "the enigines roar, blood curling wail". THE GRANDIOSITY OF LIFE!!! This song is awesome and I can easily see why some would consider it the best on the album. Great post Juju. You make my argument stronger with your quotes of the songs lyrics. This may sound a little much but when I read them like this I actually see how far aheadthese lyrics are than anything else out there or in most of U2's history. Is the the bes
  10. tacosontheceiling wrote: I think that this person was looking for some advice on the matter rather than an actual yes/no vote. 'Have you any idea how stupid it's gonna look to have a tattoo of a long gone rock band when your 80?' That is a very practical viewpoint that frankly stung me a little, haha. In my mind, I'm always going to be young, and so will they! For me, time is irrelevant-and I swear that is NOT a pun. I'm serious. If something is important to you, that's what matters, and likely will always be important. And even if it's not, then at least it will remain a fond
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