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  1. They should tour much more in Asia this tour and from now on.
  2. Oh the shame, the shame...
  3. My daughter and I at the fireworks for the Nanaimo bath tub races.
  4. The opening ceremony to the winter games was an embarrasment. I have only been that uncomfortable dealing with my ex wife. While the world is watching us in Vancouver I hope they don't notice east Hastings st. lol. Billions of our tax dollars spent and for what? I think most people in the world knew where Vancouver was before. Drug testing and mass comercialism. This isn't about sport. It's about selling Coca Cola.
  5. I was looking for your thoughts. Not your outright critisism of my writing and ideas. I can handle critical debate if thats what you want. Can you?
  6. ceallach67 If you have been paying attention to the website here you will find that many people think this is thier best album ever. That they have reached a level of perfection with this album that has never been seen before. Adams bass has grown and the band is tighter than ever. This album got more praise from music critics than many of u2's previous albums. Perhaps you remember the Grammys for altyclb, Five of them i believe and in all the major categories. I believe they did nearly as well with htdaab Are you actually gonna tell me atlylb and htdaab are beter than nloth? No way! I
  7. In past years U2 has swept the grammys like a janitor sweeps up popcorn in a theatre. After releasing what many people believe to be thier best album ever Grammy says squat. Despite positive critic feedback. Instead Lady Gaga B.E.P. and The Killers (who U2 helped promote) get all the nods. Whats the deal? Your Thoughts?
  8. War 1984. Mom brought home the album and played it over and over. It was'nt long before all that mattered in music was U2.
  9. wahine wrote: Umm, they were on the front page of news when you log in here, kinda hard to miss Ummmmm, Actually I don't see these comments on the front page and not everyone has the same link set up as you. Mine takes me directly to the communitypage. So yaa.....
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