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  1. Oh the shame, the shame...
  2. My daughter and I at the fireworks for the Nanaimo bath tub races.
  3. I am finding this game incredibly repetitive and not very entertaining. But for some odd reason i just can't resist. Exit
  4. jmatthew wrote: Bad (just kidding U2zoo24....I totally agree with you) How's this: Heartland I deserved that. Very funny. D Do you feel loved
  5. L Last night on earth I do find it somewhat dissapointing that people have ruined the continuity of this thread. How do you go from Numb to Things to make and do? Just one exampleof several screw-ups.It's not very complicated people! I know i sound anal but is it just me? Or does it seem rather pointless when people ruin thecontinuity? H H is the next letter,The next song should start with an H,lets all say it together, H
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