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  1. I was 15.. became a lifelong fan that year. Which was to help me a lot over the next couple of years. Wanted to be a scientist, but hey, I ended up as a technical writer too! I think the me I was then would've approved of the me I am now.. mostly. ;-)
  2. Jeez, the days when only women did the housework. In the ads, certainly! Yuck. Otherwise, terrific.. takes me back!
  3. 57 so far.. 6 more to come this year! Joshua Tree Tour (1987): Dublin 2 & Cork Lovetown Tour: Dublin 1 & 2 Zooropa: Dublin 1 & 2 & Cork POPmart: Dublin 1 & 2 Elevation: Berlin, Manchester 1 & 2 & Slane 1 Vertigo: Manchester 1 & 2, London 1 & 2, Glasgow, Dublin 1, 2 & 3, Cardiff & Montreal 1 360: Barcelona 1 & 2, Amsterdam 1 & 2, Dublin 1, 2 & 3, London 1 & 2, Glasgow, Sheffield, Cardiff, San Sebastian, Seville & Coimbra 1 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE: Amsterdam 1, 2, 3 & 4, Barcelona 2, 3 & 4, London 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, Glasgow 1 & 2 & Dublin 1, 2, 3 & 4 Joshua Tree (2017): London 1 & 2, Barcelona, Dublin & Amsterdam 1 & 2 Obviously, there are some cities I prefer..
  4. True, the Cork concert didn't sell out. I was at that, and the second Dublin one. And that's how I became a fan..
  5. Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona. Amsterdam was the hardest to get.. but then I did get Dublin in the presale!
  6. Can't say for sure, but I doubt it..
  7. There's a limit of two per show (per household or purchaser or whatever). There's also a presale limit of two, total. So you can use the code to get two, for one or two concerts (two tix for one concert or one for each of two concerts, if you go on your own - I asked). You can then get two more, for a different show, in the public sale, not using the code. That's not breaking the rules. However, it would be if you bought these tickets for the same show, from the same billing address.
  8. Should be an even number, anyway - given the pairing of concerts they're doing. Unless they do something different for Dublin!
  9. Ditto. Got tickets for London & Glasgow so not too pushed.
  10. The 2-ticket limit should apply to tickets bought with the presale code only.
  11. I think I saw 9 am at PO Paris Bercy... TM UK 9AM
  12. Yes, I think the same code will be valid. I got a U2.com text asking whether I was keeping my code for Dublin.
  13. Well, they're a lot more than GA! Depends which venue you want. You can check prices on the presale websites without inputting your code - just click the link. London = £219, Glasgow seems to be £180.50 (that's the most expensive listed, although they don't specify Red Zone). Amsterdam & Paris = €280, Barcelona = €250. Abt 3 or 4 times GA price. Well worth it if you can afford it!
  14. Presale & onsale prices are the same. You can look at the prices on the presale websites without putting in your code - I've been doing it all day.
  15. Yes, you will have to wait for general release. Two-ticket limit per code, one-code limit (per year) per subscriber.
  16. I went Red Zone last tour. Definitely worth it!
  17. Yes you can. There is a limit of four on Monday - I don't know whether this includes any you buy in the presale, but even if it does, you can still get two on Monday at least. And another four the day after, if there are any available..
  18. Right, got it now. Yep, massively overhyped. Boo!
  19. What's this supposed to be? all I'm getting is a video for Angel of Harlem!
  20. [quote name='Ragoo wrote: MacFoley wrote: Ragoo wrote:Kristaps wrote:monica martino']The problem in ordering US version is that you are not sure of the zone for the DVD: will it be zone O or not? otherwise it won't work on this side of the world, dunno in the rest of Europe but not in Italy I'll pre-order next week, when I have money on my credit card. According to Amazon it's Region 0 so it'll play anywhere in the world. http://www.amazon.com/gp/...=UTF8&qid=1270111496 i think you find AMAZON.COM u2 dvd's are region 1. the dvd sold on u2.com from the shop will be region 1. and here is the THING. on amazon.com look at the original price of the single dvd (from the US).................... http://www.amazon.com/s/r...ose+bowl&x=0&y=0 $20 odd before they cut they price. so if we import the SUPER deluxe dvd (which wont play on a dvd player unless its multi regional right) today we can get it for $40 (depending if they will post to the UK dont forget for this item) so why are the UK paying so much still for the same item? http://www.amazon.co.uk/3...d=1270119441&sr=1-27 The UK link says that it's all regions, not sure how this whole PAL vs NTCS (or whatvere it's called) works. And I wouldn't trust Fanfire at all. I just don't get the price difference. I've no problem paying the whatever 100 something pounds for the Deluxe version however I wanna make sure I'm not being screwed over. 40 USD vs 120GBP? Yeah, we have a problem. Yeah, good job I'm not interested in the Super-Duper Deluxe version, I'll stick to the standard deluxe. That's a ridiculous price difference, and unfair given that if it comes from the states it may be the wrong region for playing in Europe. Certainly, there is a regional difference on Amazon UK. PAL, btw, corresponds to Region 2, the other to Region 1, so only PAL will play in Western Europe, unless you have a multi-region player.
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