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  1. Update! I also received my redeem email. I purchased presale tickets to the second Vegas show earlier this week. email subject line is “redeem your U2 album” and looks like it comes from U2 but it is a livenation email address.
  2. Re:Vegas Show #2 thru AXS tickets during presale For what it’s worth for others, I still don’t have any email about downloading or receiving physical CD. I’ve searched my spam folder as well. I spent over an hour on hold twice yesterday with AXS tickets before I had to hangup and giveup. It is really annoying that presale fans who bought tickets didn’t get emails the day of to download the new album. We will apparently count as “sales” for the billboard charts but we can’t even listen to it yet. If this was smoothly running, we should have link to download AND receive a physical copy of
  3. Anyone get anemail notification for the CD download/order if you purchased tickets in the presale thru AXS for either of the Vegas shows? I got tickets for the second Vegas night and still don't have an email for the album download/order. I checked and re-checked spam folder already
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