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  1. Interesting. I never heard of anyone request Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car before. But, as I am old now, I think it would be very cool to hear some really deep cuts.
  2. Yeah, I liked it more, too, especially with the video enhancement. But, if the question was what to leave out in order to add something else, I wouldn't miss CedarWood Road as much as others. Its a good song and Bono's vocal soars. But I'd love to hear some older cuts.
  3. I'd love for JT 2017 to be released this year. I was thinking about how long it would take to edit, press and distribute the DVD/BD. I know that the band puts their collective and creative hands in the production of tour videos. And, I wonder if they are using the period between tour legs for some R&R or to work (revising set-lists for Europe, JT '17 DVD/BD, etc.) It would seem right to release JT '17 hot off of the heels of this current tour. Demand would be at its highest and they could capitalize on the holiday buying season. Obviously, this is my take on it and I know nothing. I remember having the VHS copies of Rattle & Hum, ZOO TV Outside Broadcast and PopMart (Live from Mexico). They were regular occupants in my Sony S-VHS VCR (oh, yeah). Unfortunately, the VCR died and by that time, I had converted DVD player (Sony as well). I can't remember how long it took, but it was a while before they came out on DVD and I did buy them. I agree it would be totally awesome to have ZOO TV, PopMart, Elevation and Vertigo on Blu-Ray--all in one set.
  4. I'd buy it. I hope that they do. The Super Deluxe boxed set was fantastic and I think that a DVD set would make a nice companion. If they do, I can't imagine it would be released until after E+I ends. I don't know how long it would take to produce, but it seems unlikely it would be released this year. Taking into consideration the European leg ends in early November, that doesn't leave much time to get it out before Christmas. It would be wonderful if they did, though. I don't really stream that much and would prefer the old-fashioned DVD/Blu-Ray. But, I'm old.
  5. Thanks dmway, I don't need it. I was just curious about these bossy/rude folks who run the GA lines. I read about them before in these forums and just wondered what they were all about. Who gave these people that authority?
  6. I will be traveling to Dublin for the first time. In addition, I would like to get tickets for one of the shows. As it stands right now, it 3rd or 4th show. I know that I can buy tickets on Seatwave. Is that the best way to do it? A bunch Zootopians have suggested that I can always get tickets on the day of the show, but it seems risky. Does anyone have advise for a guy who literally does not know anything? Thanks in advance.
  7. mcnabb5, just a quick question for the unenlightened: who are these veterans who run the GA line? Here in the SF Bay Area (SAP Center in San Jose), the venue distributes wristbands. Everyone abides with how these work. Doors open around 6:00 pm and the staff instructs GA folks to return to the line by 4:00 pm. Between 4:00 and 6:00 the staff checks for wristbands and makes sure the line moving along in an orderly fashion. It is actually quite efficient. What's up with the GA veteran guy?
  8. @bgans, so glad my suggestion helped. I'm 5'4" and know exactly how you feel. I'm a GA Floor guy all the way, but there have been shows where I spent good amount of time peering between taller people's heads, which was just about everybody. I don't always get GA floor tickets because of this, but the floor is where I want to be, The rail is the best if you want to be on the floor and you're short. I like you, couldn't see the screen either, but would rather focus on the band members. They do such a great job moving around to that everyone gets a chance to see them up close. This is a great shot of Edge!
  9. bonorocks, I am right there with you. I too experience the debacle that was Verified Fan access. I am a U2 Official Fan Club member and have been for over 15 years. I too did not get texted an Access Code on the day of the pre-sale and had to join the teeming horde. I spent the next two days on the and finally got through and spoke with rep who sold me two tickets for $943. At that point, I was determined to lock up a pair. Many Zooptopians in these forums say, wait, more tickets will become available closer to the show. I should have listened. There is so much wisdom here. But, I am an ignorant man. Ever since Live Nation/Tickemaster took over, it has gotten progressively harder and more expensive. Sure, our boys are the biggest band in the world and demand is very, very high. But it should still be easier. On the upside, I had great seats and the show kicked @$$. I am now trying to figure out how to score tickets to one of their shows in Dublin. It will be my first time seeing them outside the States. But, I'm not confident I will get tickets. Hope you still had a great time last the show.
  10. I agree with Rich T, and I thought I was in a great spot, but ended up wishing I was on the other side. I was on the right side (if facing the main stage), which is the same side as the camera dolly. Every time one of the band members got close to me, so did the camera.
  11. Thanks, lukylsp, I'll definitely keep that in mind. I've heard from a few other Zootopians that tickets drop like that. It's a little unnerving to head to Dublin without tickets in hand, but I'm trying to keep the faith. I don't endorse re-sellers, either.
  12. I Will Follow, New Year's Day, Pride, WOWY, Bullet, One (unless the perform it like the used to, ex. ZOO TV), Beautiful Day, Cedarwood Road I want to put Elevation in there, but that song really gets the crowd--and me--going. Same with Vertigo. Taking into consideration that their next tour will (probably) be less SOE & SOI heavy, I'd like to see some deeper cuts. I'm sure this is where many of us will diverge. I'd love to see: Angel of Harlem Love Rescue Me (my favorite on that album) So Cruel Wild Horses
  13. I second that emotion. It would be so awesome to see two shows and they are both so different. I caught both shows in San Jose, and while they were both pretty awesome, it would been spectacular if they really varied the setlists. One of things I read was that they also like to keep the sets similar for when they record a show for the DVD. On that night, they want to be at there most practiced. I'm not sure if that is the right word or not, but I can understand the logic behind that.
  14. Thank you, Heather. I've heard of it, but haven't visited the ticket-selling portion of the site. I will definitely check it now. You nailed my biggest concern--scalping. I'm a guy on a budget and sometimes those ticket prices (like n StubHub) are out of my reach.
  15. Good to know; much appreciated. I will do that. It would be great to lock up a pair of tickets before I land, but if it takes meeting up with the seller on the day of the show, no problem. Thanks again, Rich. I think we've communicated before. My name is Rich, too. Rich H.
  16. Thanks, Rich. How would I buy tickets for a sold out show, say Dublin?
  17. I too liked both shows in SJ. Funny, I was thinking about trying to catch a show in Europe this fall. I've never seen them outside the States and it is on my my bucket list. I just have no idea how to do it. I'll be traveling to Ireland, France and Italy. I'd love to get tickets, but think I'll have to buy them from resellers. Unless there is another way.
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