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  1. Guess I'm not getting tickets. I'm a Verified Fan, but no presale code. Will try at the general sale on Monday, but not hopeful. :(

  2. Happy Birthday, Bono! Looking forward to seeing you can the band in Santa Clara!

  3. I've got TJT on the brain. This summer's gonna be awesome. I wrote a little post about why I think this album kicked so much @$$.

  4. Hey U2, please add another show to Levi's Stadium at Santa Clara, CA!

  5. Been feeling nostalgic recently and wrote a few posts on "When I Became a Fan". It's amazing to think of how long it has been. Would love to know what you think. AchtungNinja.com

    1. Alma1


      Just logged in briefly/quickly for a specific reason & haven't time to search for the posts, but good for u for posting on when u became a fan!

    2. 504jumper


      Thx, Alma. I'm new to blogging. If you get a chance, I'd love to know what you think! :)

  6. counting down the days to when i+e Live in Paris arrives.

  7. Happy Birthday, Bono!

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