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  1. It's on my bucket list, but I have no idea how to do it. I noticed the Dublin shows sold our very, very quickly. I will be travelling to Europe in the fall and would love to go.
  2. There wasn't a very large selection at SAP Center in San Jose. I bought three shirts; one of them was specific to San Jose (the red, white and blue bullhorn). But I'm guessing that it will be offered at other venues with that venue's city. I think I counted about six shirts.
  3. At SAP Center in San Jose, they gave out wristbands. I always thought that was the best way for the GA line. Everyone gets a wristband, they can stay at the venue or leave, and the come back a couple of hours before the doors opened. There wasn't any argument about who got there first or situations where one guy was holding spots for 10 other people who showed up at 5:00 pm. I've seen that before and it got a little ugly. In San Jose, everyone was cool--no attitudes or animosity. Event staff was professional, courteous and did a nice job marshalling people along. We arrived at SAP at 9:00 am and there were about 200 people ahead of us. But, we still got a spot in the rail. By the time the doors opened, there were a few hundred people behind us. I've never liked the No Wristband system. It made it so much easier for people to get into it with each other. I remember the 360 Tour in Oakland. This is one couple literally held 10 spots for there friends. It generated so much frustration and tension in the line.
  4. He was moving around pretty spryly at SJ2. I had a hard time keeping him in focus. I think it might take a bit to get back onto your fighting legs, especially in your late 50s.
  5. Night 1: arrived at 8:00 pm, no wait. This was for San Jose.
  6. Does anyone know when the check-in time will be for tomorrow's show? Thank you!
  7. Spoken like someone who has faced life's most greatest challenge and overcame it. That is truly admirable and a blessing. I've read many of your posts and always thought your responses were well-considered and erudite. I also thought some where quite optimistic and spiritual. While I am thankful to have my health, I have also experienced my share of challenges--combat, twice--and I will live with stuff for the rest my life. I also want to spend the rest of my day thinking of only the good things. What you've shared brought additional light to your posts, thank you.
  8. I'm right there with you. It's such a sad song.
  9. Manohlive, I believe that determination is defined by the individual and collectively as fans. But as fans, each of us will feel that certain albums were their best and others less than their best. I measure them by their music, too. The sheer totality of their creations are simply staggering and deserving of the highest praise. And I agree that "they're gonna do whatever they are gonna do as they seem fit". I--as well as the rest on this thread--were commenting on that the OP wrote. I think discussion was started given the recent news about Bono's health scare (and I still don't know what that was) and the fact that road ahead is much shorter than the road behind. I think the discussion of their end is not necessarily their death (of any band member) but their retirement. Now I believe that none of us wants to see that day come. And I agree, that it would be their decision alone and I wouldn't have it any other way. However, as our beloved boys from Dublin age, it's natural to think about how much longer they will go. If that discussion should not happen here, I don't know where it could happen. If one were to say, "it should not happen at all", I'd respectfully reply, "why not?". It can be troublesome for some of us here--myself included--but in end, we're just talking. As I've gotten older, I've thought about my own end more than ever before. Granted I don't dwell on it, either. I watch my friends and family members who are my generation, experience health issues and other life maladies (divorce, bankruptcy, death of a loved one, etc.). I lost my father to cancer at an early age (high school), so for me, I find myself thinking about endings more than most of my friends. I look at my mom--who's in her early 70s--and I wonder how much longer I will have her. It's a reminder for me to tell her how much I love her. I didn't do much of that with my dad, and I regret it. Anyway, I think you make a great point in all of us focusing on what we have right now and how we should enjoy the band--in all of its awesomeness--while they are still here. I didn't take any shade from your post. I'm totally looking for to Experience + Innocence 2018.
  10. IMHO, I don’t believe this thread is ageist. I think what the OP was saying was that the band has reached the highest peak and if they decided to hang them up, they would be going out on top. They have achieved what very few bands have and they have brought us tremendous excitement along the way. I’ve been a fan for a very long time and never have considered the end of the line, until recently. Bono’s health and the band’s age are factors in considering how much longer can they go. If the passion, imagination and discipline are still there, then I say, “hell yes.” But, writing and recording a new album is one thing; going on a world tour is another. While I believe our boys still have something left in the tank, I just don’t know how much. Will they still tour in their 60s and 70s? I have no idea, but I do know that it doesn’t get easier. I’ve also considered that this next tour might be my last rodeo. The cost—while I can still afford—has grown siginificantly. I’ve gone from strictly GA tickets to Reserved Seats over the years. It wasn’t just summoning up the stamina for the long day that GAs require; it’s the availability of friends who can do that as well. We all started out as teenagers and many of us are parents now, consequently, time is also a limited resource besides money and energy. My first U2 ticket was $22.50; this upcoming tour was $478—each. I just don’t know how much longer I can go. Whatever they decide, they’ll do it together. If they have 2 – 3 more tours in them, awesome. I’m not sure if I’ll go, but I’ve said that before, too. My view has changed and not going isn’t the tragedy it was when I was in my 20s.
  11. bettydalton, I totally agree. I usually have to listen to their album many, many times to understand what is going on. Some take longer than others. SOE has taken a bit longer, but I'm liking to more and more. Can't wait to see them perform!
  12. Yes, I did check out their website. But their camera policy wasn't that helpful. I supposed I will need to call. My concern is the I'll be talking with someone who might not be trained well enough to answer my questions.
  13. Does anyone know what types of cameras are allowed at E+I 2018 at SAP Center? I saw lots of people with cameras (at I+E 2015), some had DSLRs. But I don't want to bring something that will be prohibited. Thanks!
  14. I agree. Most of these types of issues could be fixed with a better staff, or at the very least better training. The question is: who is responsible for that, TM or the venue? From what I've heard, TM is notoriously cheap in regards to staffing at the lower levels. I always thought that all of those fees paid for stuff like that. But my guess is, they are probably finding areas where that can cut costs and that is one of them. Some of the staff is okay, but I got the feeling many of them were new at it. I will also venture a guess and say that they probably have a lot of turnover, which again creates training issues. And I'm right there with you in the fact that going to a live concert was one of the best things in the world. In my youth, I went to as many as I could afford. Now, I'm down to one band. They are my favorite and I've been a fan for a very long time. So it is a little sad to know that this awesome experience can be marred extraneous things like pre-sale fiascos, inadequate staffing and downright ineptitude. I've long accepted the rising costs of tickets (ZOO TV was $27.50 for me) and thankfully, I make more money now to afford it. I personally think the fees charged should be enough to hire a better team to manage properly to prevent delays/bottlenecks/etc., but what do I know?
  15. Hi rhondamohler, here is a shot of the stage for i+e 2015 (taken at SAP Center, San Jose, Ca.). I believe they will be using the same stage for e+i 2018. I'm basing this assumption the floor plan according to Ticketmaster. As you can see, there is no obstruction behind the stage, but if you are directly behind you will probably not see the giant screen.
  16. Yes, he will get hard tickets. Best way to go, if you want a cool keepsake of the show. I screwed up an got e-tickets and all I got what this receipt-looking thing that was printed by the staff at the gate. It wasn't anywhere near as cool.
  17. I like this idea, too. What I noticed at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Ca. was that the devices the staff were using took several seconds for each CC holder. They worked as quickly as they could, but swiping the card and waiting to the tickets to print, took time. This caused a bottleneck that got much worse as time went on. We were near the front of the line (about 50 ahead of us) at around 3:00 pm. By 5:00 pm there were several hundred people behind us and this was just one line. We watched the lines from the Club Level and it was bad. There were ticket holders who didn't get in until after the band took the stage. This sucked if they had GAs. But, I'm all for doing everything humanly possible to thwart the scalpers.
  18. What I was thinking was, say the tour begins on June 1st. Pre-sale tickets go on sale December 1st six months prior. From December 1st to January 31st, only U2 Subscribers will be allowed to buy tickets. The idea being letting Subscribers more than just a few days to try and get tickets. They would still get codes and pay with a credit card. Then on February 1st, tickets go on sale to the general public. I believe that the people that are not Subscribers, will wait two months for the General Sale. The last U2 show that I attended, that wasn’t sold out, was PopMart ’97. I think the demand for them is high, even for the folks “who want a selfie at U2 or hear the old hits”. I sat next to a group of folks who were probably the kind who just wanted to be at the “hip thing” for JT ’17. They talked—even shouted—during the beginning of the show (about work stuff), then finally shut up. I had Club Level seats, which weren’t cheap ($335 each), and wondered if these tech guys were going talk all night. If they were, I was going to say something—politely. Fortunately, they remembered they were at an awesome rock show and I didn’t. And yes, maybe 2 months would give the scalpers more time to strategize on how to get as many tickets as they could, and this would screw the people who buy during the General Sale. But the Subscribers would already have their tickets. So, if one truly wanted to beat the scalpers and the bots and whoever else, they should become a Subscriber. Yes, they would have to pay the membership fee, but they would definitely get to the buy tickets during the Pre-Sale if they wanted. I always thought the band added shows after seeing how quickly the first group of shows sold out. Here in the SF Bay Area, I know that a second show is usually added. They did that for i+e ‘15, Vertigo ‘05 and Elevation ‘01. It could be that they arenas sold out quickly—consequently giving good reason to add a second show—and the stadiums shows did not (only 1 show for JT ’17 & 360 ’11). So I’d say, why not just announce two shows at the outset? The fanbase is pretty big here and they would sell out both shows easily. Again, I know that there are flaws in my ideas and there must be a wisdom in announcing a tour, and then adding shows as time progresses. Yet, I believe the band will sell out their shows no matter what, so why not take better care of the folks who have paid for the opportunity? I would totally be willing to go back to the Propaganda days and agree that it probably isn’t tenable. Greed is always the monkey-wrench that screws up the works.
  19. Thanks, Malaboo! :) It was great; I actually was surprised to see them and had already made plans to scoop up Reserved Seats.
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