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  1. I'm getting too old for GAs, even though I was right on the rail for 2nd show at SAP Center, in San Jose. The crowd around us was super-cool. We all agreed to look out for each (i.e. saving each other's spots during bathroom/bar breaks). But I'm guessing the crowd in Dublin might be a bit more boisterous and feisty. I'd love to get me some Reserved Seats, but they are sold out. I'd love to know how to do it.
  2. It's on my bucket list, but I have no idea how to do it. I noticed the Dublin shows sold our very, very quickly. I will be travelling to Europe in the fall and would love to go.
  3. There wasn't a very large selection at SAP Center in San Jose. I bought three shirts; one of them was specific to San Jose (the red, white and blue bullhorn). But I'm guessing that it will be offered at other venues with that venue's city. I think I counted about six shirts.
  4. At SAP Center in San Jose, they gave out wristbands. I always thought that was the best way for the GA line. Everyone gets a wristband, they can stay at the venue or leave, and the come back a couple of hours before the doors opened. There wasn't any argument about who got there first or situations where one guy was holding spots for 10 other people who showed up at 5:00 pm. I've seen that before and it got a little ugly. In San Jose, everyone was cool--no attitudes or animosity. Event staff was professional, courteous and did a nice job marshalling people along. We arrived at SAP a
  5. He was moving around pretty spryly at SJ2. I had a hard time keeping him in focus. I think it might take a bit to get back onto your fighting legs, especially in your late 50s.
  6. Night 1: arrived at 8:00 pm, no wait. This was for San Jose.
  7. Does anyone know when the check-in time will be for tomorrow's show? Thank you!
  8. Spoken like someone who has faced life's most greatest challenge and overcame it. That is truly admirable and a blessing. I've read many of your posts and always thought your responses were well-considered and erudite. I also thought some where quite optimistic and spiritual. While I am thankful to have my health, I have also experienced my share of challenges--combat, twice--and I will live with stuff for the rest my life. I also want to spend the rest of my day thinking of only the good things. What you've shared brought additional light to your posts, thank you.
  9. I'm right there with you. It's such a sad song.
  10. Manohlive, I believe that determination is defined by the individual and collectively as fans. But as fans, each of us will feel that certain albums were their best and others less than their best. I measure them by their music, too. The sheer totality of their creations are simply staggering and deserving of the highest praise. And I agree that "they're gonna do whatever they are gonna do as they seem fit". I--as well as the rest on this thread--were commenting on that the OP wrote. I think discussion was started given the recent news about Bono's health scare (and I still don't know wha
  11. IMHO, I don’t believe this thread is ageist. I think what the OP was saying was that the band has reached the highest peak and if they decided to hang them up, they would be going out on top. They have achieved what very few bands have and they have brought us tremendous excitement along the way. I’ve been a fan for a very long time and never have considered the end of the line, until recently. Bono’s health and the band’s age are factors in considering how much longer can they go. If the passion, imagination and discipline are still there, then I say, “hell yes.” But, writing
  12. bettydalton, I totally agree. I usually have to listen to their album many, many times to understand what is going on. Some take longer than others. SOE has taken a bit longer, but I'm liking to more and more. Can't wait to see them perform!
  13. No, you are not. Ever since LN took over the U2 shop, it has been a huge disappointment. There have been delays after delays. Emails to their Customer Support generate a general email response, but nothing afterward. Calls placed to CS are of little help. I spoke with a young lady with a very thick accent who kept, "It's coming, it's coming." I asked for a tracking number to which she replied, "I do not have one on file." Mind you, I have no problems with accents, but it seems like their call center is off-shore. Still not a problem as long as they can give customers accurate--and timely--info
  14. hey Danette, thank you so much for reading my piece. I launched my blog simply because I wanted to learn a new skill and write about my favorite band. Frankly, I had no idea what I was doing. But I have a buddy who has his own blog and he gave me some good tips. I am very glad you liked the posts. I wasn't sure I wanted to write something so close to me, but figured some visitors might relate. It still amazes me when I read/listen to fans' stories of how & when they became fans. Many of them are happy stories from high school or college. And some of them are borne out of tragedy or cr
  15. You're most welcome, Danette. You've have a great perspective and there is a such a poetry in your writing--it's very affecting. I also agree that there is both a faith and religion in Bono's words and by extension the band's music. It's a brave thing to do in these times. But it's also reaffirming that he's not afraid to go there. I too feel like that 17-year-old kid that marveled at the sight of the band for the first time. My mom said a similar thing to me. She said "you make the same face when talk about them, like when you were a boy." English is a second language for her, but y
  16. Yes, I did check out their website. But their camera policy wasn't that helpful. I supposed I will need to call. My concern is the I'll be talking with someone who might not be trained well enough to answer my questions.
  17. And thank you for your very lovely words. It's so wonderful to connect with people who share my passion. I too learn so much from discovering new ideas expressed here. You are so articulate in how we as fans identify with band's music and how it has woven so intricately in our lives. I have been lucky to have met a few people who had done some very beautiful things in life and it knocked me off my feet. It also reminded me to do the things that I really wanted to do in my life. It was a delight to have met them. I sense that you are a compassionate person and thoughtful as well. U2's
  18. Does anyone know what types of cameras are allowed at E+I 2018 at SAP Center? I saw lots of people with cameras (at I+E 2015), some had DSLRs. But I don't want to bring something that will be prohibited. Thanks!
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