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  1. cmooreNC makes a compelling argument and I agree. As nbayer has stated, the business side of this issue will be the driving force behind ticket prices—everyone has to make money otherwise there is little reason to do it. The band has always set the bar for a great show and I’m sure we all are grateful. They have a huge following and consquently, created a huge demand for their tickets. The result is skyrocketing prices, which for some of us are now out of reach. So how do they keep prices at a level that most of us could afford and out of the hands of scalpers and still make money? I like the idea of U2 subscribers being able to pre-pay for their tickets, thus locking them up and whatever is left is available to the general public. I’d like to add that pre-paid tickets would be sold through U2’s site and verified by Technical Support—and yes, these folks would have to be trained much better—and sufficient time be given before tickets go on sale the the general public. I’d give two months to Subscriber Sales to allow enough time to resolve any issues—including scalping—and that would still leave four months time for the General Sale. In addition, these tickets would be coded in a particular way so that they could not be scalped. Trading tickets would be allowed. Obviously, the TS staff and infrastrure would need to be improved so that any type of anomalies could identified. For example, the staff should be able to “see” large amounts of tickets going to a small pool locations, which would trigger an alert. I can’t be sure if this will result in significant price reductions, but for the time being let’s just say that allowing fans the first true crack at tickets is the impetus, which is why the majority of us became Subscribers in the first place. If the band needed to raise membership fees by a small amount ($5 - $10), I’d be okay with it. But that increase would assure me access to the pre-sale and would be outside of Live Nation/Ticketmaster’s control. No lottery, no selection process. Membership should have its privileges. I’ve got two months to decide on whether or not to buy tickets, after that I join the horde. To address the disparity between “under valued seats” versus over-valued ones, the price of the GA tickets would probably have to rise. This would hopefully reduce the demand in the resale market (it wouldn’t eliminate it). In addition, the “nosebleeds” and any partial view seats would fall. The leveling in price might make it bit more palatable for ticket-buyers. Finally, this would probably take some money off of the table from LN/TM. But I believe the band has the clout to negotitate better terms. Ideally, this would give more control to the band/mgmt and perhaps this might have been a responsibility they chose to relinquish. But if I were on the management team, I’d strongly suggest taking over (at least the pre-sale part) given the lackluster performance by TM. It wasn’t great during I+E 2015 or 360. So continue to partner with an organization that doesn’t have to improve hurts everyone. Sure, tickets will still sell if they don’t. But something better should be done for the fans who have “paid for the privilege”. Granted, I am spit-balling here and I’m sure there are holes to be poked through my ideas. Yet I am willing to pay a little more to get more.
  2. It's a "Beautiful Day".
  3. I scored 2 GAs for San Jose (2nd show) and feel totally lucky. I clicked on the link from the email I got from U2.com. This took me to TM's website where I entered my Innocence Group access code and unlocked the venue. I immediately selected 2 GAs and after a painfully long process of entering my payment info/shipping address/insurance/etc. I waited for grueling 20 - 30 seconds for the confirmation. It doesn't seem that long now, but I kept thinking that it was going to time out. I'd say it was easier for me, because I didn't get anything (no code/email/text) for the first show, even though I was a Verified Subscriber and Verified Fan.
  4. Agreed. The ones who suffer the most are the fans, especially the ones who live modestly, like myself. The "scalpers" are a lot of things, but they are not dumb. Over the years, the band/mgmt./ticket vendors have tried different things to outsmart them and each time the "scalpers" adjusted to the new measures that were put in place. I waited in line--overnight--for Zoo TV tickets way back in late '91/early '92 and knew for a fact that there were guys in the line who were hired by scalpers to buy the maximum amount of tickets they could. They all carried cash and one of them was stupid enough to admit why he was there. And I remember distinctly him and his buddies with stacks of tickets. It bothers me (a little) to this day. This may be capitalism at its most basic form, but its seems unfair. The one with most money/personnel/resources is the one most likely to--in this case--buy tickets. Fast forward 25 years and technology has made it so much easier for this same type of thing to happen. LV/TM tried do outsmart the scalpers and where it failed is in the execution. The strategy might have been good, but by the time it came to put plan into action, the outcome was far below expectations. They cannot admit this because their Verified Fan system doesn't apply only to U2. And they can probably say that they have also thwarted the scalpers to a certain degree, but how that can be measured is for someone smarter than me. In regards to U2 tickets dropping in price, hopefully they will so that those who are pinching their pennies can afford to go. And yes, I also agree that I have not seen the band not sell out. The last time I saw them playing to anything less than a full house was PopMart '97. I remember during the Great Recession, I saw both shows of their 360 Tour in Anaheim, and even the nosebleeds seats were occupied. @nbayer that was a great piece. I know that business-side of a U2 tour is more complex than my simplistic understanding of it. Thanks again.
  5. Received an email from TM that my CD shipped on Dec-1-17 via DHL. Departed USPS shipping partner Dec-5-17. I guess it's on its way.
  6. I feel like I've won the California Lotto. I just scored 2 GAFLR tickets to SJ2. I'm still in disbelief!
  7. This is the hardest that is has ever been. I have very little hope that I'll get GAs. I might have to buy whatever is available. I was "Set Up Complete" for the first pre-sale (Innocence Group), but didn't get a code or email. It still reads that way now and my email status is CONFIRMED. Guess, I'll find out Wednesday.
  8. Was that for SJ1 or SJ2? I had no luck with SJ1 and am hoping to score with SJ2. I'm still confused with the difference between Verified Fan and Verified Subscriber. I was both for the General Sale (no luck with the 1st pre-sale). But I have no idea if I have to continue to re-verify. I am so frustrated with this new system, I almost want to quit trying.
  9. I won't, trying to stay positive, but TM & StubHub aren't helping.
  10. Sadly, for everyone of us who do not wish to give a nickel to the scalpers, there is at least one who will. Ever since Elevation '01, I have not been to a show where it wasn't sold out. I've wondered if the band could still pack the house, and they always did. I always looked around the arena/stadium just to see if there were open rows--even in the nosebleeds--and there weren't. By the time the band took the stage, it was filled. U2 may be one of the last big bands and that have such a huge and loyal following. Even with the price of tickets soaring with each tour, the demand is still there. Scalpers will thrive, which sucks, and many of us will left out due to cost, TM ineptitude or plain old unavailability. I love them band and always give it the college try, but this time around I was let down. No code means no tickets.
  11. What I would like to have seen is a longer period of U2 Paid Subscribers--say 2 weeks--and then maybe something for Citi/Costco/whatever and then opening it up to the general public. A longer period would give everyone (subscribers, U2.com, TM, etc.) time to resolve any issues that would likely arise. Tickets go on sale six months before the tour, so surely allowing a little more time for the people (i.e. loyal, diehard fans) that paid for the privilege to get first crack at tour tickets the chance to get them, before letting in the masses. I admit I know nothing about the nuts & bolts of this process, so maybe someone who does might chime in. But it seems to me that time is the most important element here and giving everyone a little more would go a long way in improving a poor system.
  12. Much appreciated. I'm really the only die-hard in my group, so am usually the one who has to press my group to make it an all-day affair. They're awesome and usually come through, so I show my gratuity by buying food/drinks. This time around, it'll just be me and the lady so she'll be cool. I did both nights in '15, but we had Reserved Seats. Was right outside the ellipse (i.e. Bomb Shelter) at the 4:00 position and Bono set up his drum right in front of us during Vertigo '05. Watching him bang on it like a jungle savage during (Love & Peace, I think) was an awesome thing. Got lucky and did get Larry and Adam to sign my ticket during Elevation '01 before the show. All these shows were at the Shark Tank (it's changed names so many time). Anyway, keepin' the faith, bro. Keepin' the faith.
  13. Good to know. I'm going to need 2 (one for the lady) and I'm hoping it doesn't come down to the day of. GA tickets are an all-day affair. The last time I did them in San Jose was Vertigo '05 and I got there in the morning to secure a bracelet. Not sure how GAs are handled at SJ now, but I'd like to lock them up before so that I can schedule the time off (and the lady, too). GAs always require a little prep-work. But this is good stuff, Rich T, thanks, man. BTW, my name is Rich, too.
  14. That's reassuring. I'll keep the faith. Hoping the add a 2nd to San Jose.
  15. Thanks. When I first saw @TicketmasterCA I thought it was an email address. Just realized it was a Twitter handle. I really don't tweet, but now considering it so that I can have another way of finding out what's going on with tickets.
  16. It's such a travesty that this is the state we are in. I despise scalpers with heat of a nova. Yet I understand that they exist because of the very nature of high demand items. In this regard, the band/management/fans are all in agreement that they should go away. I'm not sure if LN/TM are in bed with them or not, but if they are not then I'm sure they would like the scalpers to go away, too. For those of us not lucky enough to get tickets--and it seemed like luck was a factor here--going to the scalpers is our only option. If additional shows are added, great, and I will try score tickets. But if not, it's posting my need for X-amount of tickets on these boards, and hopefully finding a kind soul (and they are here) who will sell them to me, go to the scalpers, or not go. I must say that my dissatisfaction is very high this time around and I might not go, even if I can afford the price-gouging amount charged by the folks at StubHub. There's little in life that causes me anxiety anymore--been around too long and seen too much--but holy hell, trying to get U2 tickets is still one of them, It's like I tell my friends, I love the band so much and am glad they've been so successful all these years, I just wish they were a little--not a lot--less popular.
  17. Yeah, we're gonna have to wait until Monday. But it's not looking good.
  18. I didn't think to DM Canadian customer support, but it's good to know. What's their email address?
  19. This whole texting your presales code method really confounds me. BTW, I still haven't gotten my code, although I stopped hoping for it about an hour after tickets went on sale here in S.F. My biggest complaint is: how do you advise TM that you didn't get a code--on the day that you were supposed to get it--in time for them to text you a new code? Trying to call them before the sale totally didn't work, due to high call volumes. I much prefer getting a code by email days before the sale. This way if I didn't get an email, I could contact someone at TM or U2.com and they could research it, and give me one. But not getting a text and not being able to get anyone on the phone on the day of the sale is stupid. I'm totally fine with pay-to-play and have been for twenty years. If for any other reason (although there are many) is the peace of mind knowing that I'd get in early. What is so frustrating is seeing how poorly this was executed. And yeah, I know that the overwhelming majority of folks who got tickets aren't posting here.
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