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  1. Good to meet you, Danette, I drank, but never got hammered at a U2 show. I too wanted to enjoy--and remember--the experience. And you're right, the natural euphoria was far better than anything a beer could produce. It's great corresponding with you, too. I can tell that you're a longtime fan and have watched our rock heroes age and at times, face their mortality. For a while now I realize that the road ahead is shorter than the road behind. I've wondered if they would announce a farewell album/tour or would they just say something at the end of their current tour? No hints or teaser
  2. I agree. Most of these types of issues could be fixed with a better staff, or at the very least better training. The question is: who is responsible for that, TM or the venue? From what I've heard, TM is notoriously cheap in regards to staffing at the lower levels. I always thought that all of those fees paid for stuff like that. But my guess is, they are probably finding areas where that can cut costs and that is one of them. Some of the staff is okay, but I got the feeling many of them were new at it. I will also venture a guess and say that they probably have a lot of turnover, which again
  3. Your welcome, unforgettableu. BTW, my name is Rich. Yes, there is a fine balance between just enough water to stay hydrated and drinking too much so that you're going every 20 minutes. I've had Reserve Seats for the past 2 tours and got to go whenever I wanted, but I found that I stayed put as well. I remember having a great spot for 360 and was locked in some time after Lenny Kravitz ended his set. There was a period where I took the opportunity to hit the bathroom one last time. But when I got back, I knew I'd be there for the rest of the night. It also limited by beer intake.
  4. unforgettableu, you are a trooper. I have the highest respect for our pregnant fans who gut it out floor/field. Wow. Yes, I too noticed that many fans were protective of the ladies who were pregnant. It one of the many reasons why it's good to be in this family. It was a good thing your husband was there to catch you and no need to be embarrassed--even though you were. U2 fans look out for each other. Dehydration/exhaustion can sneak up on you very quickly. In my past life, I found staying hydrated was the key when I was in tough environments. Experience has taught me to be prepared
  5. unforgettable, I agree it's still worth it and I love being in this big, crazy, worldwide family for three decades now. And U2 show is like a reunion. But like a family we all get old. With each tour, I always wonder if it will be my last. The first time I thought that was Elevation '01 and I kept thinking maybe I'm getting too old for rock concerts. I was only in my 30s, but felt that first show was tough. We had GA tickets and it was all about "getting into the heart", which we did. We stood in the rain (only a part of the line was sheltered) and I was cold and tired by the time we ma
  6. Hi rhondamohler, here is a shot of the stage for i+e 2015 (taken at SAP Center, San Jose, Ca.). I believe they will be using the same stage for e+i 2018. I'm basing this assumption the floor plan according to Ticketmaster. As you can see, there is no obstruction behind the stage, but if you are directly behind you will probably not see the giant screen.
  7. Yes, he will get hard tickets. Best way to go, if you want a cool keepsake of the show. I screwed up an got e-tickets and all I got what this receipt-looking thing that was printed by the staff at the gate. It wasn't anywhere near as cool.
  8. I believe there was some kind of relationship. The band performed for Dreamforce in 2016 at the Cow Palace here in the SF Bay Area. A friend of mine who works for SalesForce said tickets were available to their employees on a limited basis. She said she had the opportunity to go, but wasn't sure because it was on a weeknight. I said, "Are you crazy? Go!!" Well, she did and had an awesome time. Getting U2 tickets has been hard for me, too. I waited in line--overnight--for Zoo TV way back in '92. But other than staying awake in the cold, it was probably the easiest. We were fourth in line
  9. I like this idea, too. What I noticed at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Ca. was that the devices the staff were using took several seconds for each CC holder. They worked as quickly as they could, but swiping the card and waiting to the tickets to print, took time. This caused a bottleneck that got much worse as time went on. We were near the front of the line (about 50 ahead of us) at around 3:00 pm. By 5:00 pm there were several hundred people behind us and this was just one line. We watched the lines from the Club Level and it was bad. There were ticket holders who didn't get in until
  10. What I was thinking was, say the tour begins on June 1st. Pre-sale tickets go on sale December 1st six months prior. From December 1st to January 31st, only U2 Subscribers will be allowed to buy tickets. The idea being letting Subscribers more than just a few days to try and get tickets. They would still get codes and pay with a credit card. Then on February 1st, tickets go on sale to the general public. I believe that the people that are not Subscribers, will wait two months for the General Sale. The last U2 show that I attended, that wasn’t sold out, was PopMart ’97. I think the
  11. Thanks, Malaboo! :) It was great; I actually was surprised to see them and had already made plans to scoop up Reserved Seats.
  12. cmooreNC makes a compelling argument and I agree. As nbayer has stated, the business side of this issue will be the driving force behind ticket prices—everyone has to make money otherwise there is little reason to do it. The band has always set the bar for a great show and I’m sure we all are grateful. They have a huge following and consquently, created a huge demand for their tickets. The result is skyrocketing prices, which for some of us are now out of reach. So how do they keep prices at a level that most of us could afford and out of the hands of scalpers and still make money?
  13. It's a "Beautiful Day".
  14. I scored 2 GAs for San Jose (2nd show) and feel totally lucky. I clicked on the link from the email I got from U2.com. This took me to TM's website where I entered my Innocence Group access code and unlocked the venue. I immediately selected 2 GAs and after a painfully long process of entering my payment info/shipping address/insurance/etc. I waited for grueling 20 - 30 seconds for the confirmation. It doesn't seem that long now, but I kept thinking that it was going to time out. I'd say it was easier for me, because I didn't get anything (no code/email/text) for the first show, even th
  15. Yes, I'll be traveling to Europe next year (Paris, London) and am planning to adding the itinerary--as long as I can fit it into my budget (I'm a poor guy). But, it would be awesome to go.
  16. Agreed. The ones who suffer the most are the fans, especially the ones who live modestly, like myself. The "scalpers" are a lot of things, but they are not dumb. Over the years, the band/mgmt./ticket vendors have tried different things to outsmart them and each time the "scalpers" adjusted to the new measures that were put in place. I waited in line--overnight--for Zoo TV tickets way back in late '91/early '92 and knew for a fact that there were guys in the line who were hired by scalpers to buy the maximum amount of tickets they could. They all carried cash and one of them was stupid eno
  17. Received an email from TM that my CD shipped on Dec-1-17 via DHL. Departed USPS shipping partner Dec-5-17. I guess it's on its way.
  18. I feel like I've won the California Lotto. I just scored 2 GAFLR tickets to SJ2. I'm still in disbelief!
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