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  1. This is the hardest that is has ever been. I have very little hope that I'll get GAs. I might have to buy whatever is available. I was "Set Up Complete" for the first pre-sale (Innocence Group), but didn't get a code or email. It still reads that way now and my email status is CONFIRMED. Guess, I'll find out Wednesday.
  2. Was that for SJ1 or SJ2? I had no luck with SJ1 and am hoping to score with SJ2. I'm still confused with the difference between Verified Fan and Verified Subscriber. I was both for the General Sale (no luck with the 1st pre-sale). But I have no idea if I have to continue to re-verify. I am so frustrated with this new system, I almost want to quit trying.
  3. Manohlive, I agree. Sadly, I am beginning to realize that I am coming to the end of an era: seeing U2 live. I have always been willing to do whatever it took to get tickets. I’ve slept in parking lots (ZOO TV & ZOO TV Outside Broadcast) and waited in line at the venue in near 100-degree weather. It was always a small price to pay to see them. With each tour, ticket prices rose, my little crew of fans shrunk yet I remained the steadfast in my loyalty. But it got harder. Now I am at a point in life where I feel it wouldn’t be terrible if a missed a tour. I’d be disappointe
  4. Thank you Max for sharing. It seems like our issue made it all the way up to Guy. Assuming that he is a very busy man, would it be foolish to assume that this issue will not likely me solved by him/band mgmt/U.com/TM/LN in time for the round of sales? My guess is this is probably a more complicated issue that would require some time to fix. I'll leave that to the experts, but it seems like the solution that has been created is the same as before: presale codes, text messages and emails.
  5. It seems like both eXPERIENCE and iNNOCENCE group members were not able to get GA tickets, with the exception of a small pool. I don't know how many GAs are available, but where did they all go? Were they all sold during one of the presales?
  6. I won't, trying to stay positive, but TM & StubHub aren't helping.
  7. Sadly, for everyone of us who do not wish to give a nickel to the scalpers, there is at least one who will. Ever since Elevation '01, I have not been to a show where it wasn't sold out. I've wondered if the band could still pack the house, and they always did. I always looked around the arena/stadium just to see if there were open rows--even in the nosebleeds--and there weren't. By the time the band took the stage, it was filled. U2 may be one of the last big bands and that have such a huge and loyal following. Even with the price of tickets soaring with each tour, the demand is stil
  8. What I would like to have seen is a longer period of U2 Paid Subscribers--say 2 weeks--and then maybe something for Citi/Costco/whatever and then opening it up to the general public. A longer period would give everyone (subscribers, U2.com, TM, etc.) time to resolve any issues that would likely arise. Tickets go on sale six months before the tour, so surely allowing a little more time for the people (i.e. loyal, diehard fans) that paid for the privilege to get first crack at tour tickets the chance to get them, before letting in the masses. I admit I know nothing about the nuts & bolt
  9. Much appreciated. I'm really the only die-hard in my group, so am usually the one who has to press my group to make it an all-day affair. They're awesome and usually come through, so I show my gratuity by buying food/drinks. This time around, it'll just be me and the lady so she'll be cool. I did both nights in '15, but we had Reserved Seats. Was right outside the ellipse (i.e. Bomb Shelter) at the 4:00 position and Bono set up his drum right in front of us during Vertigo '05. Watching him bang on it like a jungle savage during (Love & Peace, I think) was an awesome thing. Got lucky a
  10. Good to know. I'm going to need 2 (one for the lady) and I'm hoping it doesn't come down to the day of. GA tickets are an all-day affair. The last time I did them in San Jose was Vertigo '05 and I got there in the morning to secure a bracelet. Not sure how GAs are handled at SJ now, but I'd like to lock them up before so that I can schedule the time off (and the lady, too). GAs always require a little prep-work. But this is good stuff, Rich T, thanks, man. BTW, my name is Rich, too.
  11. That's reassuring. I'll keep the faith. Hoping the add a 2nd to San Jose.
  12. Thanks. When I first saw @TicketmasterCA I thought it was an email address. Just realized it was a Twitter handle. I really don't tweet, but now considering it so that I can have another way of finding out what's going on with tickets.
  13. It's such a travesty that this is the state we are in. I despise scalpers with heat of a nova. Yet I understand that they exist because of the very nature of high demand items. In this regard, the band/management/fans are all in agreement that they should go away. I'm not sure if LN/TM are in bed with them or not, but if they are not then I'm sure they would like the scalpers to go away, too. For those of us not lucky enough to get tickets--and it seemed like luck was a factor here--going to the scalpers is our only option. If additional shows are added, great, and I will try score t
  14. Yeah, we're gonna have to wait until Monday. But it's not looking good.
  15. I didn't think to DM Canadian customer support, but it's good to know. What's their email address?
  16. This whole texting your presales code method really confounds me. BTW, I still haven't gotten my code, although I stopped hoping for it about an hour after tickets went on sale here in S.F. My biggest complaint is: how do you advise TM that you didn't get a code--on the day that you were supposed to get it--in time for them to text you a new code? Trying to call them before the sale totally didn't work, due to high call volumes. I much prefer getting a code by email days before the sale. This way if I didn't get an email, I could contact someone at TM or U2.com and they could resea
  17. Well, I will hope for the best. If I get tickets, I'll be seeing them at SAP Center, too.
  18. I agree with gringo, one has to look at the Verified Fan system and see if it worked or not. While nothing can be 100%, what was the success rate of this VF system? Granted, there might be a much higher percentage of folks who had problems who are posting, but it doesn't seem like this new system worked as stated. For fans, and members of the club, one of the biggest reasons we are members is to take advantage of presales. It's something that the band/management do to encourage people to subscribe. It is benefit to those willing to pay for the privilege. When members who paid their hard
  19. This whole code thing is an abject failure. For every person that got a code, there was someone who didn't, or the code didn't work. I don't think it's even 50% success, which is terrible. I guess we can at least know that our misery is in good company. My life is better with U2 in it. Hopefully, that add shows. LA usually gets more than one. There were two shows in San Jose for i+e 2015, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If I get tickets, it will be "Magnificent".
  20. Yeah, I didn't get a code. Stared stupidly at the screen wondering what to do next. Tried calling TM's toll-free number, no luck. Confirmed my account was set up correctly, check. Confirmed my mobile number was correct. It's 10:23 pm here in S.F. and no code, no email, even though I used the Help link provided by the Mods. Nothing. Not even a general email apologizing to those who didn't get a code. The sad part is, I don't expect one. These guys suck they same way certain large corporations suck. They're the only game in town and they know we know it.
  21. Agreed. The band can only do so much. They don't control infrastructure or make policy. But this is a bit of a black eye for them. I also blame Live Nation and TM. These guys are lame. We're talking one of the biggest bands in the world, selling what a very limited and high demand product, and this is how it's sold. Totally lame. Hope springs eternal, so I will wait for more news.
  22. I feel your pain; I don't have tickets, either. Dunno, if I'll be able to get tickets when they go on sale to the GP. I kind of doubt it. This might be the first time I miss a show since I've been a fan.
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