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  1. I guess we should look to the past and see what they (band, mgmt, TM, Live Nation, etc.) have done. But, I don't remember anything.
  2. Thanks, I so tempted to pull the trigger on them. But, I'll wait and see what happens in the next week. I'm not optimistic, though.
  3. I hear you, bro. And I might have to do that, too. My big worry is bad luck. It would be just my luck to go and try & score tix and not. I've been to their shows for 30 years now and always saw peeps selling them--sometime for an arm & a leg, sometimes for face value. But, when it comes to U2 show, I'md such a worry-wort and would rather have them locked up long before the show.
  4. I saw GA tix on Stubhub, too. Do you or anyone, know why there are row numbers for the Floor General Admission Standing Room Only?
  5. Never bought from Stubhub before. Let us know how what you think.
  6. Well, they'll have their smartphones. Back in the day, we actually had to talk to each other.
  7. Yeah, sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown and the ticketing process is Lucy with the football. I actually waited in line--overnight--for ZOO TV tickets. Can't believe that was 25 years ago.
  8. love_and_light, I'm right there with you. I didn't even get a code, so couldn't buy tickets. I suspect that even if I did, my experience would be much like yours and others in this forum. I gave up trying to figure out what was going with my code (or lack of it) and have also resigned to the fact, that I might miss e+i 2018. I know there is still a change that I'll get tickets, so try again on Monday. Again, I'm not hopeful. I saw JT once at Levi's Stadium and consider myself lucky to have gone. i+e 2015 was a great tour and I was fortunate enough to have good seats. Alas, my heart
  9. Guess I'm not getting tickets. I'm a Verified Fan, but no presale code. Will try at the general sale on Monday, but not hopeful. :(

  10. KEV ANGELL you are absolutely right. It's not the Mods fault and I'm sure they are doing the best they can to get the right information out as soon as they learn of it. I fault Ticketmaster/Live Nation. Given the expected demand, there should be better system--than what currently exists--to meet it. U2 must be at or near the top (of the demand list) and I hoped for something better than this. This is terrible and such a disappointment. I still have no code and I don't think I'm getting one.
  11. This is what I dislike the most about U2 ticketing. I realize they (band, mgmt, Ticketmaster/Live Nation, etc.) must to whatever they can to combat scalping, but rarely is it a smooth process. I was concerned that I wouldn't get a text, and here I am fifteen minutes before the sale (I'm in the INNOCENCE group) and still no text. I don't think I'm going to get one. I did everything I was supposed to do; I'm a Verified Fan, but no luck. Sad. I think I'll have to wait until tickets go on sale on Monday to the general public. I've been a member of the fan club since 2001--the biggest re
  12. Definitely "Wake Up" for me. That song was so perfect to kick off the set. Awesome.
  13. I'm with you on that...
  14. aquinteru and allyson2008, here is a shot of the screen during ISHFWILF. The clarity was incredible. My little camera does not do it justice.
  15. It does. At least I saw it in Santa Clara. It was strange.
  16. I would be very, very happy to trade not knowing the band's setlist until the concert is actually finished, and not seeing videos or photos until the next day or never, if it meant that I could enjoy a show while actually at the show again. Sadly vertigojds, I believe the concert experience some of us (like you & I) have known and loved is a thing of the passed. It has been replaced by something that was started by technology that was supposed to be be helpful--and it probably was--but there was also and intended consequence of all these smart devices, mobile apps and social media: t
  17. I agree that this this show---at least the one at Levi's Stadium--was a little sluggish. It was a dramatic difference from i+e at SAP Center in San Jose in 2015. I was totally looking forward to it ever since tickets went on sale, so I was riding my on high. But a few songs in, I noticed a different vibe (like you said). Bono's stage presence is not as dynamic as I am used to. That said, it was still a good show, well worth the price of admission. The screen is amazing and hearing the whole TJT album was awesome. I'll venture to say that the growing trend of people recording
  18. Yes, I remember the No Camera Policy during the PopMart show here in the States as well. I saw them at Oakland Coliseum back '97 (can't believe that makes it 20 years) and I contemplated on sneaking in a disposable camera, but decided against it because I was concerned about getting kicked out and the cameras took lousy pictures.
  19. No ID check at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Ca on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.
  20. StinkyJay, in this particular situation what is tolerated or not, would be up to the band, which includes management and/or the venue. If Bono felt that this ballooning trend of recording/periscoping/tweeting/etc. every single second of the show becomes too much of a distraction, he may do something about it. If he and the band decide that performing into a sea of raised smartphones is stealing from the show’s energy and bans it, I’d be okay with it. Personally, I managed to do fine without it from Joshua tree ’87 to Elevation ’01. I remember snapping a few pictures with my Motorola V551 w
  21. Caught the show last night at Levi's Stadium. Our boys put on a good show, but not a great one. I know it takes a while for them to work the kinks out. It was totally awesome to hear all of TJT again and in order. Nice. 30 years later the songs are just as good. I wrote a little piece about it and included some pics. Enjoy! https://achtungninja.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/u2-invades-levis-stadium-spoilers/
  22. If there is, I have no idea where that would be. But I agree that this whole social media thing is not going anywhere. The best thing to do is try and figure out how to mke peace with it. I'm not a Luddite, but a part of me does long for the days before smartphones and social...but only during U2 shows.
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