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  1. I've got TJT on the brain. This summer's gonna be awesome. I wrote a little post about why I think this album kicked so much @$$.

  2. Hey everyone, With Joshua Tree Tour 2017 less than months away, I've been listening to this awesome album more closely than I have in years. I've been trying to re-experience it by playing it loudly on my new speakers in my car. Trying to recapture the feelings I had when first heard this CD thirty years ago is hard. I needed to filter out all of the noise and just hear it. What are great album. I wrote a blog post on remembering the album that represented the band's love affair with America. They charged ahead with a bold, new sound and blew us all away. If you're so inclin
  3. Great story, Pain 18. This was definitely a seminal album for the band and an unequivocal classic. Thanks for sharing! Rich AchtungNinja.com
  4. Here's a part of my TJT collection. FYI, for those that are interested, I've written a few posts on The Joshua Tree. I'd love to know what you think! Thank you, Rich. AchtungNinja.com
  5. From the album: JT2017 Santa Clara & i+e 2015 San Jose

    Here is a picture of the original record that I bought way back in March 1987. This was the album that started all of the madness. Enjoy! AchtungNinja.com
  6. From the album: JT2017 Santa Clara & i+e 2015 San Jose

    Can't believe this bad boy is 30 years old. It still kicks major *ss today. Totally looking forward to seeing in May! What was old is new again!! FYI, I wrote a blog post about this fantastic album. Love to know yours thoughts! Thank you! AchtungNinja.com
  7. 504jumper

    JT Cassette

    I had the tape, too. I played it so much it snapped in my cassette deck in my car. It took the the rest of the afternoon removed what seemed like a mile of tape. I bought another one but alas, I gave it to a friend when I switched over to compact discs. Sadly, I do not think that tapes will encounter a resurgence like vinyl records, but man, were they cool. Nice pic! -Rich P.S. If you are so inclined, please check out my U2 fan blog (AchtungNinja.com). I've been posting about The Joshua Tree and what an awesome album it still is.
  8. I wrote a few posts called When I Became a Fan (parts I, II & III) on my blog site about this landmark album last summer. It was an album that came at just the right time for me. It was a tough time in my life and that is why it has such a special place in my heart. What a fanatic record it was--and still is. It's a little too long to write here, but suffice it to say I was high school kid struggling with the loss of a parent. TJT spoke to me in a way that I never would have expected. I didn't even like rock music before it. Man, did it change me. Please check it out, if you
  9. Hey U2, please add another show to Levi's Stadium at Santa Clara, CA!

  10. From the album: JT2017 Santa Clara & i+e 2015 San Jose

    The original album, 3 CD singles and the 20th anniversary deluxe CD set.
  11. From the album: JT2017 Santa Clara & i+e 2015 San Jose

    This is a color scan of the back of the album.
  12. From the album: JT2017 Santa Clara & i+e 2015 San Jose

    This is a color scan of my first U2 album. I bought this at Tower Records in San Francisco in March 1987.
  13. Been feeling nostalgic recently and wrote a few posts on "When I Became a Fan". It's amazing to think of how long it has been. Would love to know what you think. AchtungNinja.com

    1. Alma1


      Just logged in briefly/quickly for a specific reason & haven't time to search for the posts, but good for u for posting on when u became a fan!

    2. 504jumper


      Thx, Alma. I'm new to blogging. If you get a chance, I'd love to know what you think! :)

  14. counting down the days to when i+e Live in Paris arrives.

  15. I started writing again and although it's rough, I am so glad to be living in the world of words.
  16. Thanks! My camera was struggling the whole night. Shooting concerts isn't that easy.
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