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  1. Happy Birthday, Bono! Looking forward to seeing you can the band in Santa Clara!

  2. 504jumper


    From the album: JT2017 Santa Clara & i+e 2015 San Jose

    Had to break out my 30-year-old copy of Rolling Stone to celebrate the B-Man's special day!
  3. It's May and all I can think about is the tour. Our lads from Dublin are the best at what they do. They blew my mind nearly thirty years ago (wow) and I'm feeling like that high school kid counting down the days to the show. Tickets are about ten times more than what than what I spent back in 1987, and it doesn't matter. When it comes to a U2 show, I am all in. I wrote a little piece about how they have stayed relevant in their fourth decade of existence. I'd love to hear your thoughts. https://achtungninja.wordpress.com/2017/05/04/all-because-of-you/
  4. It's amazing to see how big his kids got. I remember seeing pictures of them during HTDAAB and they were we still small. Wow.
  5. Nice piece. It's is absolutely crazy at how relevant some of the themes in TJT songs are today.
  6. Ballads, every great rock band has one that lives on. It is safe to say our favorite lads from Dublin have much more than that. For me, With Or Without You—both the song and video are what a ballad is supposed to sound like and look like. One of the most atmospheric songs/videos ever. Incredible. I wrote a short piece about this awesome song. If you have time and interest, please check it out. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Hey everyone, I’ve been re-watching all of the music videos from The Joshua Tree and remember how truly great they were. For me With or W
  7. Oakland Stadium, Oakland, California 11/15/87. I became a fan that night. I even wrote a 3-part piece on my blog about it last year. Here is Part 3: https://achtungninja.wordpress.com/2016/07/07/when-i-became-a-fan-pt-iii/ Awesome show.
  8. It is so 80s for me because I listened to it so much during that time. More than one person much younger than me has told me it doesn't sound like an 80s record. Not to me, but I can see that if I really think about it. It is an odd-sounding album. I also agree that these guys always put their best into the album, regardless of how well it sold, how much it was played on the radio or its chart position.
  9. I agree. I definitely think of TUF and TJT as albums of the 80s (and the previous ones) because they were on the radio so much during those times, but they were the antithesis of what was going on at the time. No synthesizers or drum machines and very little keyboards.
  10. I’ve been listening to TJT closely and have not done that in a very long time. A discussion with my buddy’s daughter about how it doesn’t sound like an eighties album compelled me to really think about it. There is something strange and un-eighties about it. I guess that’s one of the things makes it so awesome. But it made me wonder: if it didn’t come out in the eighties, what decade would it belong? I wrote post about it and would love to know what others think. Thank you! https://achtungninja.wordpress.com/2017/04/06/another-time-another-place/
  11. Any band that is 30 years older is going to sound differently, because ultimately they are. Time is the great equalizer, for sure. But the band plays better now than they did back then. Can Bono still hit the high note? Absolutely. I heard Every Breaking Wave and Song For Someone both nights in San Jose (May 18th & 19th) and he belted it out like a guy half his age. Obviously, he sang the older hits magnificently as well. These guys are pros and will prepare like pros. i have faith that the show will be nothing less than awesome.
  12. I haven't been to a bad one. If memory serves me correctly, I went to both shows during PopMart '97 (June 18th & 19th) and remembered being a little underwhelmed. But that was nearly 20 years ago, so it's a little fuzzy. I do remember watching an episode of VH-1 Legends right when ATYCLB was released. I learned the band was unrehearsed for the beginning of PopMart due to delays of getting Pop finished. But no, every show I have seen has been a least good.
  13. I've got TJT on the brain. This summer's gonna be awesome. I wrote a little post about why I think this album kicked so much @$$.

  14. Yup, this is a great version , Yardie. I would love if they play it like this, this summer. Thanks for reading--even just snippets--I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  15. That would be awesome. Some of the songs have changed over the past thirty years, and I would love to hear them like they performed them back in 1987.
  16. Hey everyone, With Joshua Tree Tour 2017 less than months away, I've been listening to this awesome album more closely than I have in years. I've been trying to re-experience it by playing it loudly on my new speakers in my car. Trying to recapture the feelings I had when first heard this CD thirty years ago is hard. I needed to filter out all of the noise and just hear it. What are great album. I wrote a blog post on remembering the album that represented the band's love affair with America. They charged ahead with a bold, new sound and blew us all away. If you're so inclin
  17. Great story, Pain 18. This was definitely a seminal album for the band and an unequivocal classic. Thanks for sharing! Rich AchtungNinja.com
  18. Here's a part of my TJT collection. FYI, for those that are interested, I've written a few posts on The Joshua Tree. I'd love to know what you think! Thank you, Rich. AchtungNinja.com
  19. From the album: JT2017 Santa Clara & i+e 2015 San Jose

    Here is a picture of the original record that I bought way back in March 1987. This was the album that started all of the madness. Enjoy! AchtungNinja.com
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