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  1. Thanks for the reply on splitting pre-sale code. I don't think i will do it though, I just don't trust computer systems. Regarding ticket limits, this is the quote from the Ticketmaster event page. The same statement is on each event, so it depends on your interpretation of the english language i guess Ticket limits Strict ticket limit of 2 per person, credit card, household. Any multiple orders will be cancelled without notification Please adhere to published ticket limits. Persons who exceed the ticket limit may have any or all of their order(s) and tickets cancelled without prior no
  2. So there is restrictions on buying more than 2 tickets per house, card,email etc I should be getting a pre-sale code, since i subscribed 6 months ago I would like to go 2 nights but am afraid to split my code across 2 purchases as the system may not allow that. So my question If I buy 2 tickets for November 23 in Dublin with my pre-sale code, can I buy another 2 tickets when on general release for November 27th
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