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  1. Amsterdam I is sold out now. Amsterdam II is on 8th October. I hope there will be a fanclub presale.
  2. see that I can only book tickets from 22/01, not on 18/01. Why is this?
  3. I am considering going to this venue for the Experience & Innocence Tour next year. Eoes anybody know how the acoustics were on the I+E tour in 2015? I'm reading very mixed reviews about the Lanxess Arena for various concerts. I hope someone can help me with this.
  4. Has anyone heard any rumours about an additional date for the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam? I would rather go another day to a concert than on a Sunday, but also I don't want to miss out on this tour ... And there isn't a Belgian date yet. Cologne on 4 September might be a good option ...
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