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  1. Sure thing, fist bump back. Just got carried away with the disappointment and should know better. Best
  2. Hi mate if you want a copy of blackout I might be able to get you one on RSD .Let me know. 

    1. Thor u2

      Thor u2

      Thanks very much for the offer Colin, I have one sorted through the shop I get all of my RSD releases from but much appreciated.


  3. I think it's crazy that "Magnificent" hasn't been released on physical CD single formats in the UK although it is available on import fromGermany (2 track CD) and France (3 track CD), I ordered mine from Key Mail Order in Croydon Surrey (check out their website) and got them the other week. Theyare really good and very reliable, I use them all the time to order things from. I did also buy the 7" single format which I personally really like andcollect all the formats anyway but agree it isn't practical for most people who haven't got a record deck, glad I still have mine still though. It isn't
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