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  1. Hi BigJohn, I met you in Dublin with Aaron and the gang at Hotpress exhibit. No matter what I do, my mobile phone number will not be accepted. Thanks, Valerie. (older than you person)
  2. @@U2Partygirl59I don't have any photos as it was 1978. There were no mobile phones then, but there was something happening with the Dublin music scene. Live gigs, unheard of at the time.McGonagles was where it all started for me. I can still see the decor and feel the excitement and anticipation. It was an extraordinary gig. The crowd (only a few hundred) hung on to every note and lyric. It was something different in our mundane lives. I was a student at the time and had very little money, we used to cycle from Stillorgan to McGonagles and the Baggot Inn. Even though those gigs were 36 years a
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