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  1. And if any of the lucky winners is lacking in a U2 nutter partner to go with them.... Well let's just say I'm free tomorrow night and will buy all the drinks
  2. Ah well, you can't win them all! Congrats people, have an awesome time! And thanks for the chance Bigwave
  3. Are there any updates yet Bigwave? I'm smashing my phone battery hitting refresh and checking email every 2 minutes! TIA
  4. How many are you giving away BigWave - can you say?
  5. Hey credit card limit!
  6. And awesome! Thanks another great giveaway!
  7. Absolutely Mike. After such a poor showing last time, we deserve to be given more tickets
  8. Don't suppose there will be a lucky subscriber give away a la Graham Norton this time will there? *crossesfingers
  9. think that is what digsy was asking too - I think we will have to wait to see on that one, I have a feeling that anyone who has fully used a code to see a show so far this tour will not be eligible - even if you have resubscribed again. I could be wrong on that as I agree its not crystal clear. Will dig into that... Thanks Bigwave. I'm hoping your initial feeling is wrong - seems a little cheeky to still have been advertising re-subscription as giving pre-sale access if that wasn't going to be the case. I've resubscribed purely to keep my experience status running and to gain presale ac
  10. check out last bit of my last post digsy : Q – I became a new subscriber after the announcement of the Irish dates, can I take part in the Belfast/Dublin presale? A – No. With limited capacity for the Irish dates, presales are only open to people who had subscribed BEFORE the announcement at 11pm on September 8th. Please enter the public onsale for tickets beginning on Monday Sep 14th. Sorry bigwave, I'm not understanding. Is that a yes or a no? I feel like there's conflicting clauses - if you've used a Presale code for i+e previously you can't use one this time (I did last year but have
  11. I used my presale code last year but renewed my membership a couple of months ago so I should get a new code right (they still sell it as "hey this gets you presale access")
  12. If they can't prove it's written anywhere how can they take the tickets away?!?! Has anyone actually asked them to show where it says this and see what they come up with?
  13. Just out of curiosity, has anyone actually seen or read the terms and conditions where it says "per household"? TM say you agreed to it but I don't actually recall seeing it anywhere, but then I haven't scoured the fine print either.
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