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  1. Hi. I need a GA For Saturday night PLEASE! PM me if you have one available Thanks
  2. Bumping this - now selling for under Face Value. €60 or make me an offer
  3. Hi I have 2 GA/Pelouse tickets for each/either night in Paris Im looking to sell. They're hard paper tickets. I'm in the U.K. currently so willing to post to other UK addresses otherwise I'll be in Dublin so can meet there or I will have friends in Paris I can send them with. Face value of course
  4. Hi I have 2 GAs for both nights to sell. Let me know if you still need please. They're hard tickets
  5. Hi Jon. Do you want one or two GAs? I have a pair for both nights I'm selling (and I'm in UK too) but I'd rather sell them together. Let me know
  6. I didn't get mine either. Sent them n email but not holding my breath for a reply.
  7. Fine print- there's always fine print isn't there. Doesn't make it any less crappy. Thanks for the replies. Frustrating as I would never have bought them in the first place had I known they were behind the stage and not opposite e-stage, and then to have paid double for them... Ouch!
  8. Been lookin at ticket availability for the last couple of night and just discovered that tickets I paid £165 for when they first came on sale are currently being sold for £90! Are they allowed to do that? TBH I was pretty disappointed with them anyway - when I purchased them it seems I misinterpreted the map as I thought they were e-stage end when actually they're behind the main stage. Can't believe that they would charge £165 (£185 incl fees) for seats pretty much smack behind the stage! Not surprised they dropped the Price but seems unfair having already sold them at a higher rate. Has this happened to anyone else - the area in referring to is block 114. Do you think I have any recourse to complain or ask for a partial refund?
  9. Still have these and willing to take a hit - will sell each pair for £300. That's 70 less than I paid.
  10. Hi. Due to a cancelled credit card, we've been given hard GA tickets for tonight. We have a spare though which we want to sell - we're in line already but as its a hard ticket you don't have to come in with us. If anyone wants it and can make it down to the venue before 5 to take it off us, let me know. Face value of course (£65)
  11. Hi. I have 2 great pairs of seats for sale for Friday 30th October - top category seats so £370 for a pair (incl all fees). One pair is in block 404, row E and the other pair is in block 114, row P. I have hard tickets in hand so can hand them over of the day or before. PM me if you're interested
  12. And if any of the lucky winners is lacking in a U2 nutter partner to go with them.... Well let's just say I'm free tomorrow night and will buy all the drinks
  13. Ah well, you can't win them all! Congrats people, have an awesome time! And thanks for the chance Bigwave
  14. Are there any updates yet Bigwave? I'm smashing my phone battery hitting refresh and checking email every 2 minutes! TIA
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