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    saint louis missouri
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    making my life extraordinary
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    Achtung Baby
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    Where the Streets Have No Name
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    ZooTv- march '92, Nassau Colliseum, Long Island
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    Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 23, 2011.....LET IT RAIN
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    ZooTv , Giants stadium ...followed closely by 360 Soldier Field , 2011
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    DM, 30 Seconds to Mars, Angels and Airwaves, the Beatles, Van Halen,the Cure, New Order , Bon Jovi, Blue October, Rush, REM, Def Leppard ...a million others

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  1. they say that second place just means "first loser" ....well, I"M STILL HAPPY being in second ...WAAAAAAAY ahead of Achtung75.....not that i care , of course.

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    2. liljbau


      dont be confused .....this just shows you that i don't check my status and mess with it very much .

    3. deannamarieu2


      I want 333 arrows then ill be happy.

    4. liljbau


      comin right up , dee anna

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