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  1. Lanois tells me Bono is singing strongly and beautifully on the new U2 stuff. "He makes me jealous. Those barrel-chested Irish tenors."


    On Danger Mouse, who's producing the new U2 disc, Lanois smiled as he said "It'll be a character-building experiment for him."


    Lanois tells me Bono dropped by his house in LA, and that the new U2 album sounds "amazing" and "big," with some Achtung Baby adventurism.


    Lanois is okay with sitting out this U2 album. "I don't know if I'd survive the experiment."


    Lanois says he was familiar with a couple of the new U2 tracks, as he had worked on them himself previously. "They're back on the burner."


    Lanois says Larry Mullen is a good pool player, as is Edge. "Edge is good at everything, really."


    Source: Brad Wheeler on Twitter. He's from Toronto and writes for the 'Globe and Mail'.


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