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  1. could my friend , tam , just declare me the victor so we can end this destructive conflict?

  2. not that i care ....but tam is WAY ahead of me now on points ....DAMMIT

  3. Stop giving arrows to Jim cos he's pure boasting aboot it like a wee lassie.

  4. how can "just sayin" be intepreted as "boasting"? the PEOPLE speak ...they like me more , just sayin

  5. not that i actually keep track of these things ....but i'm delighted to be tied with achtung with 91 points....thanks, party people !!

  6. Laugh it up, Fuzzball.

  7. thank you , elaine, for getting me hooked on Kite (live) , b side of window in the skies

  8. Laugh it up, Fuzzball.

  9. Love is noise, love is pain, love is these blues that I'm singin' again

  10. i am not afraid of anything in this world

  11. Tour dates please, album news please.....

  12. i want to feel sunlight on my face

  13. If I'm not back in 5 minutes.......just wait longer.

  14. "bob dylan did it , and they filmed it and called it "Hard Rain" and made a movie , and that's what you got right here, so you're all a part of history"

  15. "When life gives you a disco ball lemon spaceship, when it opens walk down the stares in black bubble pants and say "you can reach , but you can't grab it..."

  16. ' calling for Spring time!'

  17. Ransom paid for safe return of the blogs section. Last seen Friday wearing a cloak of guilt and shame. Do not approach if spotted, considered dangerously mind numbing!

  18. Sleep, sleep tonight

  19. 'Would you deny for others What you demand for yourself?'

  20. sunshine sunshine:)

  21. Friday is the Sweetest Thing

  22. Oh my god! The PTA has been disbanded!

  23. I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal.

  24. im CRUSHED and officially defeated .......tam is now "excellent" on his profile and I am "good"

    1. liljbau


      as for the real answer, ME.....you are 0 and neutral


      and , thanks to all the party people for "lifting me up"

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  25. im CRUSHED and officially defeated .......tam is now "excellent" on his profile and I am "good"

    1. liljbau


      the ratings don't go high enough for you , All I Want Is You 2 ....:)

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