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  1. MUSE!!!! 30 Seconds to Mars!!! REM- Green!!!
  2. dont know what the game is.....but I LOVE the song babyface!!! one of U2's most underappreciated songs
  3. muse - m m m m m m Madness....m m m m m m Madnes and Thirty Seconds to Mars and .....a LITTLE bit of U2
  4. muse.........m m m m m m madness ....m m m m m m m m madness!!!!! wow....so excited for the upcoming album and world tour!!!!
  5. i finally have it!!!! AWESOME!!!
  6. you cant tell from the cheap-ass photo that I took , but this is an AUTOGRAPHED pic of the boys, I believe around the Unforgettable Fire era (correct me , please , if i'm wrong) given to me by a Zootopian and a dear, dear friend. THANKS A MILLION!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!! one of THEE best presents i've ever been given
  7. my best friend's wife gave this to me we were standing next to each other for the whole magnificent show!!!! st. louis , missouri.....July 17, 2011 so many thanks to her.....one of the best things i've ever been given in case you don't know ......its during "hallelujah" , right before - STREETS!!!
  8. was sideways, had to mess with it....sorry , may be low quality
  9. this ones goin up on the wall as a tribute to an outstanding Zootopian and an "ok" Van Halen fan (he likes David more than Sammy ) cheers joe!!!
  10. the last time I was here, busch stadium, U2 was playing!!!!!
  11. Irish flag in one hand , Guiness in the other ....... for Davcal and all the other Irish on this thing....and 4 Irish boys in particular!!!
  12. def leppard's guitar player- shredded!!!
  13. mp3 at gym today: offspring- want you bad/////////u2- bad/streets live , boston , elevation////// snow patrol - forgot the song motley crue - she's got the looks that kill///// and many more
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