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  1. home of the king.....his name right on the sign!!!
  2. the lisa marie- and notice , Davcal, the TCB on the back!!!
  3. a million dollar reward is there for anyone who can lead us to finding the IDIOT who graffitied on this sign...there's a WHOLE DAMN WALL to write your name......
  4. "nothin much to say , I guess"
  5. the section containing the stuff from when our boys went to Sun
  6. posing with my memphis tour guides next to one of the greatest photos of all time - the million dollar quartet- standing outside SUN-FREAKING-STUDIOS!!!!
  7. great little place in a "hip" section of Memphis.
  8. some air must have gotten inside my shirt or something , right in the mid section
  9. beer, beech, green (irish) cardinals hat....life is good
  10. anyone photoshops my daughter or mother and this will be the last pic i ever post!!!! (dont EVEN try me)
  11. airborne toxic event- all at once http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gisGIdjzJA 30 Seconds to Mars- This is War
  12. danger days- kickin ass!!! I forgot one before- airborne toxic event!!!
  13. Depeche Mode - live from Glasgow Angels and Airwaves - Love Part 2 U2- live from Chicago- 360
  14. angels and airwaves love part 2....by the way- the movie SUCKS!!!
  15. WEARING out 360, live from Chicago......with a little Angels and Airwaves, DM, and Motley Crue mixed in.
  16. FULL night view of the Claw.......getting ready to kick our asses in a couple days!!!
  17. the moon is up over a claw-holdin Busch Stadium - disco ball about to go to sleep
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