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  1. aw yeah!!! the day finally came - my best friend (mate) seeing U2 together - sweatin it out in GA line together- stayin cool with some masterfully concealed Jack and Cokes- a whole 2 liter full!!!! ( a LITTLE coke , a LOT of Jack)...and plenty of water.
  2. about 100 degrees out (you cant walk around the block without a change of clothing- hot as a hair dryer in your face) what a thing to sweat for!!!! GA BABY!!!
  3. somebody's gotta do the heavy liftin!!!
  4. another glimpse of a thing of beauty in my hometown.
  5. tis true!!! U2 WAS in my hometown and I TOOK SOME PIX!!!! the Claw in the home of my beloved Cardinals !!! notice all the World Championships in the foreground.
  6. right now....so cruel in the car? been WEARING OUT U2 360 live from Chicago , July 5- CANNOT GET ENOUGH
  7. sorry....I'm ALL u2 right now.....Well , did listen to Purple Rain in the car on a recent trip- other than that, its been live U2- i've just been sent a PILE of concert cd's , for which I'm truly grateful.
  8. me on my bike , complete with gear AND the all important Bono-joker shirt!!!!
  9. trying to be like Maggie and Achtung75!!!!!
  10. the reason I keep going, my everything
  11. the yellow X marks the spot where I stood at the Chicago show on Sept 13- I will be closer in July!!!!
  12. incredible show!!!! Sept 12, Soldier Field is TOO FAR AWAY!!!
  13. i love this thing. Reminds me of when they played ONE on the ZooTV tour and the buffalo were on the screen. Beautiful!!
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