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  1. Hello Sylvia,

    I was checking my message from January tonight and I read your message.

    I am still going alone. I will take the plane on Saturdaymorning. Do you have plans with some other people to meet? Would be nice to join you.

    Greetings, Jos

    1. sylviav


      Hi Jos,


      oh so sad, I just found your message, on the 20th  went to Manchester and from there on the 21st to dublin, i stayed at Hilton custom garden house front of the Liffey good location , but at the end i contacted old irish friends and we went together, did lots of things around went out i had pitch 2 and was right in front of the b stage.


      Hope you enjoyed.




  2. I got two tickets for pitch 1 (U2 Collector Ticket). I will problably take the trip from Holland to Dublin alone. So I got one ticket left for an Irish U2 fan who wants to join me to this U2 concert in Dublin. I got some reactions from fans who just want to buy the ticket. I am looking for someone or a group of fans to join (before &) during the concert. It is always more fun together than alone
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