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  1. Bono, I must admit, I was floored Saturday morning when I heard of your having to undergo emergency back surgery... I hope you are feeling better, or at least as well as you can be with all considered. I look forward to hearing of your complete and healthy recovery from this unfortunate mishap. Here's to a speedy recovery, Bono...we will see you in Denver with the band in 2011!! ;-) Chad
  2. Gering


    mick james wrote: To imply evil U2 is ripping off fans when there is extremely affordable tickets on offer and presales for fans - complete with prefered treatment for long time subscribers, is ridiculous. It seems y'all want the boys to play on your dining room table for $ 2.95. Lower your unreasonable expectations people and go see these amazing shows that a lot us won't even get a chance to see. $30 - WHATS THAT A PIZZA AND A SIX PACK?? Jeez Louise. Ha!...nail on, bro...sharp, concise...to the point...all facts...I spent 47.64 to see them on the
  3. Gering

    Rip Off!

    chrism7 wrote: Never look for "Best available" with Ticketmaster. Always select your block. This is a TM fault not a U2/U2.com one. They usually try and shift the poor tickets first as they know it is usually eager fans who will purchase whatever. Later on they then put up the better seats, but as a fan you don't want to risk missing out. ...if this scenario is able to hold water then am I too believe that it is some strategy (marketing) on ticketmaster's partto shed the less desirable tickets to people in front of their screens who make qualifying ignorant key strokes? That would
  4. Are you drinking liquids before going to sleep at night? Such an active imagination!...lol. TheHangin'Chads
  5. gary paul wrote: I was watching The U2 Go Home dvd other day and (i had seen this before) during 'All I Want Is You' someone threw water oVer Bono and he says back 'All i want is fucking you' - the same during EleVation dVd when they're 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' you can see someone throw something at Bono and he had to dodge it then he stick's his fingers up to say a quick Fuck You to the idiot who threw it at him - does this (as it does me) piss you off ?? ok i agree it's great to get their attention but do 'some' morons haVe to throw things ?? surely there are better way's of grabbing
  6. Mericege wrote: Hi everyone, I can't understand why so many people are giving bad reviews about this song. I think it is a brilliant song. Who is with me here ? Take care. ...And care should be my middle name. I can't express quite yet, at least in human words how this song has moved me. As has always been w/ new U2 music and myself, I find myself looking forfamiliar traits the band is noted for...we all know the frequencies I speak of so I need not dissect that. I think GOYB is a fascinating stroll down U2 lane...it signals a roadstop wit
  7. ..."Ticketmaster must be making a fortune!"... ...and then some... ...TheHangin'Chads...
  8. reciyrseraphim wrote: u2zoo24 wrote: one01 You are right about one thing. This has produced some interesting discussion. Please, Don't blame me.. I'm just poking fun with U2 Bigger than Beatles. its just Bono's EGO lol.. I agree with Chris and if we go back in time Put U2 and Beatles to the test, it is still no contest. Beatles evolved from Pop to Artistic mood of music and still with this evolution. people embraced the music LOL ...Yes, we all hold you accountable for inciting this cascade of opinions...
  9. ...Thanks fortitude & freedman, for taking the time to share your thoughts, thus far... ...TheHanginChads...
  10. Great question and observation... Wish I could serve to enlighten here, unfortunately I have nothing to add, other than it is a very cool sticker! ...TheHanginChads...
  11. ..."vaguely intelligent"... ...I don't know why...that description of yours which included those two words together, just has the tendency to tickle the funny meter...good one onyou, ONE01! ...Cheers!... ...TheHanginChads...
  12. Mucho appreciation departs from my neck of the woods and is traveling at light speed to the U2 camp where the four members are currentlygathering their wits about themselves preparing to embark on yet another slew of history-making shows...and the bottom line...I like it! Thanks U2, for another great spin of an album...and lookin' forward to the live presentation of some of the new songs! TheHanginChads
  13. Ob-la-dih Ob-la-dah...life goes on... U2 would be the first to admit, I believe, that they are not "bigger" than the Beatles... For the sake of debate, The Beatles had the advantage of being around first, that certainly helped. The Beatles, like Bono has quoted before, created the template for them and other aspiring bands to do what they loved to do...make music together...cometogether...right now...over me... Ok, we will ...and football stadiums will definitely up the ante...Ican't wait to be there...thinkin' Chicago, Norman, or Vegas, baby... TheHanginChads
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