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  1. C'mon you guys - give Bono and Edge a break ( from U2 ) As much as I love U2 and Mercy I think it is great they both of them wrote a musical!! I don't even like Spiderman but I fell instantly in love when I saw them perform "rise above 1" and Reeve Carney has an adoring voice (his voice reminds me very much of Tom's from Keane) I also thought the stage setting was done nicely. Now I am sad that I don't live close to NY.Love and Peace
  2. I am so happy that ~ Arcade Fire ~ won Album of the Year!
  3. OMG OMG OMG ....with ~ ~ ~ Arcade Fire ~ ~ ~ they play so well live! I just saw them last year and absolutely L.O.V.E.D. them! I so wish I could go
  4. ~ ~ ~ I vote for this one!! Well done! ~ ~ ~ (the space-ghost-pumpkin is lovely as well) .
  5. Speaking of openers. Arcade Fire came out with a new album this year as well. Personally I think Arcade Fire is musically more talented than Kings of Leon.
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