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  2. I'm slacking off on my virtual school responsibilities with the kiddos - but everyone needs to skip class every so often. Same, East Coast time not conducive for party-like atmosphere, but glad other countries have a more preferable time slot for this.
  3. The queue for the restrooms is pretty epic right now - as is the queue for the beer line.
  4. I always wondered what Shirley had to do with In A Little While...
  5. You had to create a NEW account just for the chat. Chat ended with about 15 minutes to go before the formal launch of the video. I was right there with you with frustration, @SW
  6. was this the only tour where Bono played guitar on I Will Follow?
  7. Boston and New York are bitter rivals, so it felt just awkward for a song praising New York to be performed in Boston. It was a STRETCH to think the Boston audience would embrace it.
  8. The Boston audience in the seats SAT during this song - it felt like such a dud in the Fleet Center.
  9. He IS a perfectionist afterall
  10. This video for Gone is from night 1 - June 5 - as it was the only time Edge destroyed his guitar. He didn't like the sound coming from it and left Dallas utterly bewildered.
  11. I remember my friend Ken who phoned me in the middle of the night and had me listen to the first live performance of Kite out on the West Coast. It was like 1 a.m. and I was in a dead sleep - woke up to just that, then at the end of the song, he hung up.
  12. Do I miss Bono with the guitar. It looks so foreign now, doesn't it?
  13. Bono needs to use that shaker more
  14. Dear Bono, I'm the pest who's been following you around the globe now for over 30 years. I asked you that question about Spider-Man the musical while you were talking to bankers in Boston back in 2007. I told you in Boston in 1997 the reason why you were wearing the boxer robe was because you had a bad haircut. You also humored me with my assessment of the start of "Vertigo" at a booksigning with your friend Michka Assayas. I'm the one who is constantly bringing up the Dalton Brothers. And I'm the nagging writer who tries to keep you earnest. For these 30 odd years, you've been nothing but kind, generous and pleasant in every encounter outside arenas and inside convention halls. You are also an example of what true leaders do - they seek the advice from those who are wiser than they are. As a result, my book collection is quite extensive because I've become fond of many of the authors and faith leaders you have received advice from. Whether it's ONE or (RED) or fan-led initiatives like the African Well Fund, that call to action is what makes the U2 fan unique from other bands fan communities -- and that has never changed from the early days of U2. You raised many generations of fans to be activists, and a true leader rolls up their sleeves and gets in the muck with them all. You have done that. Leadership through action. Your words match your actions. That makes you a valuable role model, as much as you may not want to be classified as one. Here is one of my favorite photos from 1992. Foxboro, August 22. I was taking pictures for a fanzine at the time, and you sorted out that I wasn't professional given the camera I was using. You gave this fan her first rock and roll photo, and it wouldn't be her last. It's an honor and a privilege to be a member of the Zootopian community. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride. Here's to your first 6 decades on the planet, and for many more to follow. Your fan, Sherry
  15. From the album: Bono @60

    Songs of Experience is an album that redefined my life. In 2018, I got to tell Bono that and how it helped me understand my near death experience in 2016. He hugged me and said "what's the alternative?" Indeed. Sage words of encouragement. I am forever grateful for all the ways Bono has inspired and comforted me. Hugs back to you on your 60th, Mr. B.
  16. Streets NEEEDED to come after that heart of darkness portion of the show for sure
  17. It's been 27 years since Zoomerang Sydney and Edge's beanie has not aged one single bit!
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