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  1. Dear U2, Principle Management, Live Nation, U2.Com, I send you this message today on behalf of the paid subscribers of U2.com. Recently, many of us have become dissatisfied with the way that the website is run. When U2 partnered with Live Nation in 2008, Bono said "With regards to U2.com, we feel we've got a great website, but we want to make it a lot better. We want a closer, more direct relationship between the band and its audience and Live Nation has pledged to help us with that." However, since the commencement of that partnership many fans have begun to feel ostracized from the band.
  2. I'd love to go! I'll be arriving in Sydney on Saturday so I'd love to get to know a few faces before the show.
  3. When I couldn't hold in my excitement when I saw him and screamed my favourite author's name (Chuck Palahniuk) at a autograph signing. Everyone in the line to get his autograph stared and when I got up to him, he said, "Oh, it's the "OH MY GOD IT'S CHUCK" girl" I was red for days.
  4. During a particularly stressful time last month, I had a dream that I was in the inner circle and the band was playing but it was absolutely quiet. Bono strutted up the bridge closest to me as the bridge moved towards me and all of a sudden he reached down to me. I reached up and our fingertips were touching. It was really weird.
  5. Got my third code! Here's hoping for 1 GA ticket to the show in Sydney. "Beautiful Day" came on just now on the radio. Let's hope it's a sign *crosses fingers*
  6. YES! After the NA tour was rescheduled, I decided to use the money I had saved for the u2 dates in NA for a trip to Australia for a birthday and Christmas present to myself. OH HOW I LUCKED OUT.
  7. So Swiss Beatz had no hand in destroying his family? Why is it always the other woman that is blamed? She didn't impregnate herself. He's just as big a douche as she is.
  8. [quote name=Zhivvy]A week tomorrow I will be at the Frankfurt show. I am a grown woman of 38, and generally a relatively sane person; but at the moment I am worse than a child waiting for Christmas - if my daughter was behaving like this in December she would be in serious trouble. I have a permenant feeling of anticipation in my stomach which bubbles up into my chest and makes me smile like a fool at any passing person (who then avoid me). I keep checking my tickets, my ferry booking, passports etc... and when all is good I grin again. I have become very bouncy and giggle like a teenager al
  9. I hope this is true! My Oz vacation that I booked to sooth the burn of missing u2 this summer is in December. Luck be a lady tonight!
  10. I had a whole bunch of moolah saved for Minneapolis, Montreal 1, and Montreal 2. Rather than do the responsible thing and save it for U2-ing next year, I decided to blow it all on a trip to Australia. Merry Christmas to me
  11. Luckily I hadn't really paid for anything other than my tickets so I decided to put my savings for Minneapolis and Montreal 1 and 2 and put them towards an Australian trip at Christmas. Merry Christmas to me
  12. I'm going to have to ponder my own. *thinks*
  13. I feel like I'm the happiest I've ever been. Almost 2 years ago, an incredibly abusive relationship I was in ended. Since then it seems like life has been a lot better. I'm happier about myself and my appearance. I feel like I'm actually pursuing my dreams rather than just dreaming about them. And my relationship with my family has been repaired after all the damage my abuser caused. Life is good and I feel like it can only get better.
  14. The list I ended up sending was about 34 tracks and I still realized I forgot Beautiful Ghost and Flower Child
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