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  1. I am just dumb. I was asking why no other option was given other than GA. I was in the GA only package. I guess I just panicked when it said there weren't any GA. Luckily I kept at it and 2 popped up. Got them.
  2. When I wen to get Vegas tickets it showed NON available. I had to go back a number of times, but finally got 2 GA. It was easy, once I got my tickets. How come there was only GA offered. No seats to pick from.
  3. How come only GA were offered for my choice? I wanted GA. But when they didn't show up as an option at first I would have tried for anything.
  4. I have a flash seats account. It usually is attached to your email. As Go to https://www.flashseats.com/?ss=0&fss=1078368133 It will answer everything there.
  5. Flash Seats. I got an email and just checked my flash seats account. My GA Vegas tickets are now on my phone. I have them. I love Flash Seats.
  6. My tickets for Vegas are already on my phone for Flash Seats
  7. I got my tickets on my Flash Seats account already for Vegas. It's great.
  8. I could not get anything in Vegas. Kept hitting refresh. Something popped up and I got 2 GA tickets. Flash Seats are nice. The tickets will be on my phone. You can transfer them to someone if needed. How come only GA were offered?
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