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  1. I purchased 4 tickets, through 2 different pre-sales, and I have not received any emails for the CD or download. How long should I wait
  2. Outdated? I don't get it. Its a great song! I went to the 2nd Giants Stadium show. In describing it the next day to a friend who is also a U2 fan, I told him they did NOT play Bad, Pride, I Will Follow, New Years Day, 40. "Wow! Did the show suck?" was the reaction. I'm not saying they should play all of these but... Bad, Pride? How can you not???? When I told a friend who went with me to the show that they would not be playing Pride, he thought I was joking. "That's like Blly Joel not playing 'Piano Man'," he said. I don't understand why U2 continues to have opening acts. Why not drop the opening act and play for 3-3 1/2 hours? If Bruce can do it...
  3. Whoa! Freaky! The same song playing.
  4. Until The End Of The World... my favorite U2 song
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