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    Cork, Ireland
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    Crazy about music and movies and writing and innovation and being by the sea...

    Would love to make friends with other U2 fans! It's hard to find big U2 fans in Ireland these days!
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    Achtung Baby
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    Cork, 1993
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    Bono / Damien Rice in Dublin (2012)
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    Slane Castle II
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    Damien Rice, The Frames, Coldplay

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  1. Hey there - I'm a giant U2 fan, living in Cork, Ireland - It's kind of hard to find big U2 fans in Ireland these days, so I'd love to make some U2 friends if anybody would like to write! My favourite U2 memory is probably being in the front row at the 2nd Slane concert (the one that became a DVD) and of course meeting Bono a couple of times is a special memory for me. Excited to see U2 in London and Dublin next year and still hoping to attend some others (Paris, Amsterdam) if I can get a ticket. Anyway, nice to meet you all!
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