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  1. Last time I requested tickets for a show at the same venue the lads will be at in the US, ticketscalper, errr ticketmaster sent my detailed breakdown. Here itis: The order number for your requested tickets is 55-37718/FLO. We have reserved two tickets, located in Section 109, Row WC, Seats 9-10. The itemized list of charges is as follows: Ticket Price: $75.00 (per ticket) Convenience Charge: $12.35 (per ticket) Facility Fee: $2.75 (per ticket) Order Processing Fee: $3.40 (per order) Total: $183.60 This is based on will call, can you imagine if I wanted them mailed? No, I
  2. Does anyone have an idea of what the cost per is going to be for NA? And how is this all going to work... tickets go on sale how far in advance of the venueappearance...then we only have 2 days to buy? I'm a disabled Veteran and this is my first chance to see "the lads". I'm in central FL., feel free to contact me maybe we can hook up at theshow!! I appreciate any assist on this, thanks to all in advance for reading this.
  3. For me U2 is the greatest rock band ever. That's a lot to say and it need be understood. In having been through the Revolution of Rock and a fan ofnumerous bands, U2 has not only done more musically but spiritually as well. This is one thing no other band can lay claim to. For each various reason known tothem, others may dispute this. When you truly break it down to what happens "With and Without You", the effect U2 has on the soul, outlasts what maybe gotten out of numerous other band. Whatever the reason would have been, I don't believe I could "Imagine" any other band that would have be
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