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  1. As well as fleecing their own fans how can expect ordinary working people to be able to afford such prices? Maybe if we all had several houses around the world and a team at our beck and call money wouldn't be a problem
  2. Why have we had no apology from anyone about this shambles of pre sale codes, subscription gift for 2017 limited tour dates, ridiculous ticket prices, Experience fans not receiving pre sale codes, no shows in certain Countries i.e. Scotland again. Who thinks its acceptable to treat fans this way? I expected better from U2 as they always seemed to stay away from Sponsored Tours but it seems fans have become secondary to profit. from some of the comments on this site quite a few seasoned members will not be renewing their subscriptions anymore. Anyone from U2 listening?????
  3. That reply sort of sums up this whole sham over tickets, pre sale codes and subscription gift. Who is running this debacle?
  4. So much for looking after the fans, shambles over membership gift, no pre sale codes for experience members, limited concert dates(none in Scotland) ridiculous ticket prices for decent seats, it looks like the band have finally sold out to corporate greed. Like many of you I think its finally time to say goodbye U2 enjoy your wealth after all its the fans you've forgotten that have always put hands in their pockets to follow you,and buy albums and merchandise but have finally had enough.
  5. It a disgrace there are no Scottish dates, I've got tickets for the O2 but wasn't willing to pay the £190+ for decent seats so am probably sitting in the rafters. This will be my last U2 concert and I won't be renewing my membership, The band should hang there heads in shame for treating the fans this way after all its fans that put them were they are.
  6. I sent a message to the shop asking if there was anything they would do to make up for the membership item mishap and of course nobody has answered me :rolleyes:

    1. flashmanbrum


      I sent one a week or so ago said they would get back to me within 24 hours, still had no reply. I've decided not to renew my membership, real fans being let down once again for corporate greed. This puts U2 in a new light to me now, whatever happened to fan loyalty? They just seem to be in it now to make even more money at there fans expense.

    2. Tflyer90


      I still haven't got any sort of response back to the message I sent in, not even a response saying my message was received. I am beginning to regret having already renewed. 

  7. I've managed to get tickets for the O2, but the prices are an absolute disgrace. Decent tickets were £190 each before fees, the total for two tickets once fees had been added came to just under £500. So had to settle for cheaper tickets. By the time you've added in travel to venue and accommodation total approx £1000. Someone is certainly getting rich off the fans back, how can these prices be justified ?This maybe the last time I attend a U2 concert unless something is done about ticket prices, real fans are being priced out.
  8. Know how you fell I am seriously thinking about not renewing my subscription for 2018. Something needs to be done about the company that runs the shop and subscriptions.

    1. Tflyer90


      I already renewed for 2018 so at this point all I can do is wait really....

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