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  1. I wish U2 came and gave a private concert for my friends and me... and you all would be invited :-) .... I wish that their would be no more hunger and war in the world (how naive is this?) I wish a LV bag, the on Bone and Ali designed
  2. We should all never forget about Africa !!!!,We should all never forget about the people who are less fortunated then we are ! I admire Bono and the band for taking so much intrest in helping those who can never get enough help. Imagine how many children have got a better life or even who live because of the good work they do. Every single life is worth it !!! I love them because they make use of their position to get people to take action, to have intrest in what's happening in the world and sign that ONE petition. It is so much easier to do nothing and just live a luxuary life. I'm sure they have a very interesting, fun and luxurious life ! But who can blame them !!! At least they try to make a differance ! And yes even Bono makes mistakes but never forget his goal... Never mind the critics ! There will always be someone who disagrees. Just like every fan I would like to meet the band and sometimes I ask myself what would I say.... I think I would thank them for the beautiful music that has brightened my life for many days ond many occasions sad or happy but most of all I would thank them for trying to make the world a little better place for our children !!! Nathalie
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