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  1. If anyone has 500K skymiles just laying around, i'd be happy to take those off your hands. Anyway, would organizing a group travel from US get any flight discounts?
  2. Nope, I was there. It just seemed a little subdued. And I think the screen was overpowering for such a small venue.
  3. The band was energetic but have to say the crowd was not. What happened? Still a great show.
  4. Tribute band currently playing at The Norseman
  5. I’m here and SO excited!! If anyone is thinking of a Gam of Thrones tour, checkout Finn McCools.
  6. Oh yea, if you're travelling over 11/6, don't forget to vote absentee!
  7. Attending the 5th. Anyone interested in a gathering any other night?
  8. We leave on Nov 1st. When do you fly?
  9. i freaked out a bit about Berlin but fingers crossed that he's good now...
  10. I'd like to see on last album that's better than IE or SoE because they didn't move me like Achtung Baby, HTDAAB
  11. I always wonder when they'll call it quits. I think after this tour......
  12. I think the word 'experience' would naturally relate to their life experience...but, i think each song captures a certain sound from a previous album.
  13. Yes, probably MSP. Flights from FAR are ridiculous!!
  14. And there's my lack of patience again....i've listened to SOE about 20 times over the weekend and I'm slowly getting it. There are so many echos of previous albums here. Really, i see SOE as not just the boy's experience showing but their musical experience.
  15. U2 hasn't had a gem in a long while. Hate to say that but they haven't had solid songs since HTAAB. The songs are so forgettable to my ears.
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