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  1. boohooo I was supposed to be there ;( so close and it never happened.
  2. 10407 love the pics of the three of you and family. you all shine !
  3. 10083 can't wait to hear the stories of all you ladies getting together next week.
  4. 10081 feeling fine..went to sleep before finishing the bottle.Which was a small one. tasty local wine. checking to see if I need to delete anything.
  5. 10072 still up..bottle isn't empty ,yet.
  6. 9850 hello and goodbye hope you all have a beautiful day!
  7. The devil you say that is inside you is a rather reasonable one. I don't care one bit about the arguing that goes back and forth...except that it's difficult to avoid. It must get rather boring typing the same schpiel over and over.. lord knows reading it is sleep inducing. I choose to ignore it. When possible.
  8. wasn't trying to be rude....I've been unable to post. I'd love to join your gang and you can call me anything you like..well,almost
  9. Hope you both are feeling better very soon.
  10. Hi Everyone! Looks like I'll be staying around another year.
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