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  1. thanks...now all I need is some time to get this done.
  2. thats a nice one. Mine has been Uncomplicated by Elvis Costello
  3. Pizza with peppers and onions sprinkled with crushed hot hot hot red pepper
  4. I wonder how young you'd have to start?Also you'd be hoping for a whole lot...too risky. Knowing what we know now..I'd gladly take a baseball bat to his head and make a home run out of the first swing. No no that's way too generous..one or two fouls before it gets whacked out of the park.
  5. salad with goat cheese and fake chicken bites..again soooo good
  6. excellent point.Normally I separate the two but for some reason i can now see to how easily it could be to incorporate the two without the mess ..lol tonight all that was available was Breyers Chocolate and vanilla.No fudge,nuts..nada. Most anti climactic moment I've experienced all week. Wasted calories. good thing dinner was only a salad.
  7. Trust me . i understand. Giving can also be satisfying.I'm not sure which items you're talking about.I like the Skingraft triple zip jacket,.and the black battalion jacket. The moto vest is hot,too. I wouldn't turn down anything they have to offer...if it was offered
  8. tonight I made a yummy salad. romaine lettuce,tomato,onion,kalamata olives,roasted red peppers,warm imitation chicken bites,warm goat cheese with oil and vinegar dressing. ate the same thing last night except with avocados.chick peas would have been a nice addition but i didn't have any..
  9. I can curse and feel the need to..You've personally experienced some of the sickest fucking acts a so called human can inflict on another. Your faith is amazing,commendable in fact. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around what you've written..so will say no more...except, bless you.
  10. [quote name='mummy wrote: screamingflowr']We're on the same page for the most part. I haven't read the posts you are talking about but have lived them before. I've argued the point til blue in the face..it's useless. There is no difference between the fans who love group_______ from the fans who love group ______ I've been on other fan sites and rarely discussed the band because i felt i was already with people who shared a common love. Music is my heart and soul.Through the bands I adore, it's not difficult to find people to connect with..if that's what one is looking for.. U2 ar
  11. o.k ..took a look and am now wondering how i can make $600.00..quickly. That was for one jacket.I had to stop looking as the pain became unbearable. trust me..I have high tolerance regarding physical pain.Emotional pain for the need to obtain super sexy clothing is another story.
  12. [quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote: screamingflowr wrote: xtraspicy62']im not even in italy, but have already set my clock to turin time, and checking the thread for updates, bit off all my figernails, and feel all jittery and anxious...cant wait to see bono in leather pants/longer hair and i really want to eat pizza right now! eerie..I'm feeling/behaving the same way. Woulda thought that was my post but your name is next it. ha ha! how are you? any sexy new shoes lately?have you ever seen the website www.forgottensaintsla.com ? some of the sexiest jackets---check it out! the guys jacke
  13. sugar? will have to give that a try this season. I've eaten them with butter and salt..mashed and all...never liked them. One of those things I'll try each year and still detest.Being the only one in the house who dislikes the them..I have to keep trying. ahh, i noticed you mentioned milk..okey dokey.come fall I'll try it the Mullen way oops i just learned milk is always used...( i don't cook them). back to the sugar,one last try...and then it's back to the old standby, sweet potato. Autumn is a wonderful time of year for locally grown produce.
  14. eerie..I'm feeling/behaving the same way. Woulda thought that was my post but your name is next it.
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