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  1. I have a Propaganda issue directly mailed to me from U2's Principle Management office, That says it all about how long I have been devoted to the greatest band ever and to my musical fathers. My favorite tour of all time is Zoo TV and its Zooropa edition. Seeing it in Verona, Italy in 1993, with Pearl Jam opening, has completely blown me away. U2 was my spiritual and emotional home ever since. Sadly, last week has brought an extreme disappointment and heart break. SoE Tour 2018 presale has left me with feeling of being used by mercenaries. How else would you explain renewing U2.com subscription, getting an Innocence code (why not Experience?) and being offered 2 tickets at $730 as the only option? My life has been crocheted with U2's music, its message, the way it touched me, the way it moved me, healed me, got me through some tough times, made me win my beautiful wife, opened my horizons and my heart. .I will always cherish it but I cannot nurture this relationship when feeling cheated and mistrusted. Please prove me wrong. Until then, I will #Boycott2018SoETour and all other U2 live and studio events. "You ask me to enter But then you make me crawl And I can't be holding on to When all I got is hurt"
  2. Hey all , I"ve made a stupid mistake by purchasing wrong date. It is a big mess up. Please help out exchanging 2 May 23rd GAs for May 31st GAs. I would greatly appreciate....... U2 Forever and ever!!!!!!!! viborcilic@gmail.com
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