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  1. If my profile states "Setup Complete" . does that mean that I am good to go for the U2.com presales???
  2. Thanks for the info.. however, I'm glad to say that I found an airbnb last night and I'M SET !!!! WOOT !
  3. I have accommodations for each night I'm there except for July 22, the most important night of all, lol ! I was just on airbnb and found a place for $90 a night but the host doubled it after I inquired about it :/ is there a website you can refer me to regarding Dublin/Irish b&b's?? Thanks for any help
  4. Well... it doesn't look like we'll be going to Dublin.. I am unable to find reasonable accommodations for the night of the gig I've been looking for weeks! Most everything is booked and what there is available is simply too expensive!! I'm thinking of skipping Dublin and just flying to Paris for #2 gig. But I think I'm going to hang on to my tickets and keep looking in the hopes of finding something last minute...
  5. Oops! lol yeah, I meant July 21st! I just managed to find a hotel but not what I wanna pay... I guess it'll be my last choice if I can't find anything else... There's going to be a U2 tribute band and fan meet up at a place called The Church Cafe Bar on the 21st evening.... I"m thinking of checking it out....provided I make it to Dublin!
  6. TM released some GA tickets last week for July 26th and I was able to snag one
  7. yes, we already have the flights supposed to fly in on Aug 21 all the way from Texas... but I'm being priced out by the hotel rates/airbnb rates... I underestimated accommodation costs. I" originally wanted to stay 5 nights in Dublin but have since cut that down to 2 or 3. lol.... U2 in Dublin is on my Life's "To-Do" List.
  8. Looks like I may be alone as well or not going at all... as I am having a very difficult time finding an affordable place to stay. I have pitch1..
  9. Hello U2 fans! I am in need of 1 GA for Paris, France July 26th ! Does anyone here in the USA have an extra they can sell me??
  10. I have 2 GA for saturday night. facevalue plus TM fees plus low cost shipping fedex. pm me if interested, they r still available.
  11. I have 2 Amsterdam GA tickets for sale, face value 164 Euros for both, plus my shipping costs (cost depends on destination)... Unfortunately, I cannot attend the Amsterdam show so am offering these GA's to another fan Please PM me. Thank you!
  12. I"ve been following the daily rehearsal updates on various FB pages!
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